Special Committee: Debating operatives

9.30 a.m: With the debate on pre-ambs quickly finished, the delegates move to debating operative clauses. The first clause is Russia’s, endorsing the participation of all member states in competitive events such as the Cybathlon. The delegate of Russia emphasizes the importance of such competitions to give incentives for the member states to improve human mechanics technology. The clause receives unanimous support.

9.34 a.m: Next is a clause by the delegate of France, that requests an increase in funding by the UN of hospitals treating medically impaired patients in developing countries. The delegate makes an emotive speech, highlighting the difficulty that people in developing countries to afford prosthetics, or even trips to and from the hospital.


The delegate of Switzerland points out that the extra funding would not help countries and areas that do not have the expertise regarding prosthetics, but the delegate of France responds that the extra funding would encourage developing countries to expand their knowledge and equipment. The delegate of Egypt submits an amendment, adding a sub-clause that would allow the hospitals that would receive the funding to conduct their own research.  The delegate of Germany makes a point of information, saying that corruption in some developing countries may affect the usage of funds. to which Egypt replies that although it is a problem, further clauses could deal with it. The amendment passes unanimously, as does the clause, without Chair Maria Mandritis noticing.

Chair Maria Mandritis: ‘Wait we have to pass the amendment.’

Chair Andreas Economides: ‘We did.’

Chair Maria Mandritis: ‘The amendment and the clause?’

Chair Andreas Economides: ‘Yeah.’

Chair Maria Mandritis claps delightedly.