Special Committee: Confessions

To Maria: Are you ok? Cause you look like you fell from heaven.

Daniella is a fancy lady me likeyyy 😉

Russia looks a lot like Merida from Disney’s Brave

Michael’s lisp is the cutest thing ever.

To Chair: “You are having the time of your life aren’t you?”

Chairs’ response: YAS!

“Love it when Egypt speaks”

“Daniella’s dank Russian memes are lit.”

To: Chairs From: China

“Why does Peter Pan always fly? Because he neverlands!”

To: Russia From: China

I gave all my dead batteries away today. Free of Charge.

To: China The invention of the shovel was GROUND BREAKING

If you have a bad day… just think of chocolate, unicorns, kittens, puppies… Now you have a good day

I said to Kass to make her Points of Information shorter so many times that I feel bad now.

Maria is going to EXPLODE if we pass one more clause

To: Chair M From: China Two peanuts were walking down the street. One was a salted :)

After today I’m 100% sure the delegate of the US believes aliens exist and is secretly afraid

To Admin Staff with glasses: Is there something in your eye? On no it’s just a sparkle

Triggered delegates are the best

I wonder how many pens can fit/ be lost in Sana’s hair

Rodoulla looks like the cover album of Queen with that tablet below her face GALILEO GALILEO FIGAROOO!

Seriously wishing I could speak Greek

The delegate of Egypt DOES look very Egyptian

To: Russia From: China :) You heard the rumor going around about batter? Nevermind, I shouldn’t spread it

Loving USA’s red bow – tie

Saudi Arabia looks like a white American football player

UAE U Are Everything

France, what a sass though?!

When Daniella began singing the USSR anthem she was really into it Im SCARED

I love Ivan’s accent please say babys again

From: China To: Chairs Could I have some water… It’s beginning to be too salty over here…

Our Chairs are awsome :)

France was serving sass right and left yesterday. BOY contain yourself

To: Germany Your hair is GOALS

Egypt should get the sassiest delegate award

Delegate of USA is savage!!!


To: Admin Staff The Russian Federation is extremely remorseful for the large amount of notes

Egypt’s rings are cool

USA is hot – By USA

Can we watch a vine compilation

The beef between France and Egypt is very entertaining

Singapore’s day 2 outfit is on fire

Danae is so cute ^^

Delegate of the UAE is cute

Egypt is a very nice delegate, he seems so friendly and he made very good points.

Maria gets automatically excited when she hears the word veto

I really enjoy the canteen’s food. It’s a huge motivation to get through the day

Egypt looks like a classy drug lord.

From: Russia To: Brazil The mother country greatly appreciates your comments made. Pelmeni wll be sent personally by the Russian Gov. Me encanta mucho!

The temperature is rising in here!

To the female chair: This is the result of you urging us to be meaner!!! (no hate)

I will always love dearly my Muslim partners and respect the holy triad, despite the fact that I have chosen to remain part of the UN.

Dear delegate of Switzerland, I have a reminder for you… delegate, delegate, delegate, delegate, delegate,

The delegate of the USA looks like Leonardo DiCaprio  when he was young except his eyebrows are ON FLEEK!

Can the pieces of brownie be BIGGER please?