Special Committee: A dynamic beginning to the day

9.17 a.m: Punishment for the delegate of the USA is to butt spell ‘Russian Federation’ to the tune of the USSR national anthem, to which the delegate of Russia sings along.


9.18 a.m: The debate of topic 2 resumes with a clause by Germany, which calls for the arrangement of a specialized scientific committee of scientists, medical professionals and other relevant persons that will work alongside the World Health Organisation to monitor genome editing. With no speeches against, voting begins and the clause passes with 13 votes for and 1 amendment.

9.20 a.m: Topic 2 ends and topic 3, human mechanics begins with a press conference with IBC (International Bioethics Committee). The delegate of Egypt, taking on the role of the representative points out the lack of information that the public has regarding the issue, leading to vagueness and hesitation, as well as the dangers of leaving new technology solely in the hands of the military, bringing up the example of the atomic bomb (IBC representative: ‘Thank you America’).

9.26 a.m: The debate begins on a pre-amb by Russia, noting the participation of 25 nations in the world’s first Cybathlon. The pre-amb passes unanimously, and France takes the stage to defend his pre-amb acknowledging the financial burden of prosthetics.