Security Council: Last day of the conference

9:15 am The last day of the conference begins for the Security Council with a debate concerning the question of the DPRK. The submitter of the clause, the delegate of USA, defends his clause, which suggests that humanitarian organisations set up humanitarian mission to improve the quality of life of the people of the DPRK, and accepts points of information from the delegates of China, Egypt and Russia.

The delegate of Ukraine submits an amendment, and after delivering a speech supporting it, the house unanimously votes that the amendment passes. As open debate continues, the delegate of the UK states her support for the clause, accepting China’s point of information.

Another amendment has been submitted by the delegate of Russia, followed by two points of information from the delegates of UK and Sweden. Since there are no speeches against this amendment, the delegates proceed to voting, in which this amendment passes. The clause also passes, after the majority of the votes being for the clause.