Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation Today

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10.56 a.m: Norway’s opening speech on the topic of preventing child sexual exploitation in the age of information and communication technology was very vivid as he asked all delegates to vote for this resolution to reduce this terrible tragedy from happening to any of these innocent children. This was followed by a Point of Information by Bolivia wondering the difference between clause 2 sub clause a difference between these to hotlines.  Another point of information was made regarding clause 4 punishment as a legislation, highlighting that this already exists in the USA. Making sure that this has been existing in this world if it was effective they would have prevented the percentage of children exploitation but is instead increasing, hence no improvement.

Norway yields the floor to delegate of Thailand. how can we allow a reality like this to continue? poi Saudi Arabia clause 3; children may not be able to speak up against these predators.

Against this resolution is the delegate of Iran as he states that clause 5 is a disaster. Sub clause b ‘Is the delegate of Norway aware of what the GBV is because governments know how to deal with this. there are some glaring flaws, completely ignores the reality of what technology has evolved into.

Eritrea when it comes to kids we shouldn’t there be any guidance toward sexual matters?  t

However, the delegate replied that ‘There already exists. It’s call parental guidance’

Belgium: It has nothing combating the psychological grooming of the children no sense of censorship

legal websites such as you tube are not under surveillance.

Netherlands point if information: Clause 3 sub clause a ; It has nothing to do with justice, but to places such as the middle east  and Belgium agrees

Voting procedures

with; 56 against, 20 for and 9 abstentions

The resolution does not pass!