Preventing Child Sexual Exploitation Today

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10.56 a.m: The delegate of Norway passionately delivers her opening speech on┬áthe topic of Prevention of Child Sexual Exploitation in the Age of Information and Communication Technology, urging all delegates to vote for this resolution so as to reduce this terrible tragedy from happening to ‘any of these innocent children’.

This is immediately followed by a point of information made by the delegate of Bolivia, drawing attention to clause 4, which refers to the reinforcement of sanctions and punishment as a legislation. As the delegate of Bolivia points out, this legislation already exists in the USA.

Delegate of Bolivia: ‘Acknowledging the fact that this legislation has in fact been existing in this world for years now and since then, not only has there been no improvement, but the percentages of child exploitation cases have also dramatically increased, this clause is undoubtedly ineffective and useless.’

11.03: The floor is yielded to the delegate of Thailand. As the delegate asserts, ‘how can we allow a reality like this to continue?’ This is then followed by a point of information made by the delegate of Saudi Arabia, regarding clause 3, who mentions the fact that children may not be able to speak up against these predators.

Against the resolution speaks the delegate of Iran, clearly stating that clause 5 is a disaster.

Delegate of Iran: ‘There are some glaring flaws in this resolution, which completely ignore the reality of what technology has evolved into.’

The delegate then accepts a point of information by Eritrea who wonders if there should be any guidance towards sexual matters, ‘when it comes to kids’. However, the delegate skilfully replies, saying that this form of guidance ‘already exists and it’s called parental guidance’.

The delegate of Belgium is also against this resolution, since as the delegate supports it has nothing combating the psychological grooming of the children and there is no sense of censorship since legal websites, such as YouTube, lack any surveillance.

The delegate of Netherlands, makes another point of information, drawing attention to Clause 3 sub clause a of the resolution, noting that this clause ‘has nothing to do with justice’.

After all points of information are heard and answered the voting procedures begin. With 56 votes against, 20 votes for, and 9 abstentions the resolution does not pass.