The Plenary Session Begins

9.42 a.m: The delegates gather for the beginning of this year’s Plenary Session.

The chairs, Penelope Ioannou and Mikaelena Kokkinou welcome the delegates to the Plenary session and the event starts with the resolution on the question of autonomous weapons.

The delegate of Canada begins delivering her passionate speech on the topic, highlighting that autonomous weapons should be restricted but not limited to LAWs (lethal autonomous weapons) not being significantly intelligent, due to the fact that they lack morality and will never be capable of military honour. The delegate goes on, skilfully answering all points of information before yielding the floor to Poland, who strives to combat all areas of the issue.

The delegate of Myanmar then steps in to deliver a passionate attack speech, followed by another attack speech from the delegate of Cambodia.

Delegate of Cambodia: ‘This resolution reminds me of the Titanic. It looks great on the outside, but in reality it is doomed to sink and fail.”

After the auditorium erupts into a heated argument between delegates, the chairs call for an order in the house, before the voting procedures begin. The resolution passes, despite the passionate attack speeches against it.