GA3 Confessions

“Delegate of Myanmar we love you.”

“Your hair is mesmerizing.”

“Delegate of Poland, was your father an alien, because honey there is nothing else like you.”

“Cambodia is cute.”

“Japan is super pretty.”

GA4: Confessions!

“You have Mozam-piqued my interest.”

“The delegate of Saudi Arabia’s public speaking skills are outstanding.”

“I’m not a photographer but I can picture me and you together.”

“Lost in the delegate of Palestine’s eyes.”

“Thanks for all those random notes. Hope your feet hurt more than ours do.”

“The delegate of the UK is very energetic and has delivered some excellent speeches.”

El Baltiburn?!

5:50 pm Turns out El Chapo has a stunt double and  was taken to China and was working with Blackburn and Baltimore, being tested on and helping with research to find a cure to the Siwang virus.

The Siwang virus has finally been cured!

GA1 – Confessions

“The MEDIMUN program should include a one hour nap time.”
“India digs Nigeria.”
“To Saudi Arabia, kisses from Cuba.”
“I’m Batman.”
“Cambodia is slowly falling in love with France.”
“Valentine’s is coming and I like a girl. What should I do to make her like me?”
“Our Chair has very nice hair.”

GA1 – Superlatives!

Best delegate: Delegate of Finland
Most charming male: Delegate of Sudan, Libya, Cuba, South Korea and Luke (The Chair)
Most charming female: Delegate of France
Most likely to become a dictator: Delegate of Germany
Dressed for success (male): Delegate of Poland
Dressed for success (female): Delegate of Saudi Arabia
Best speaker: Delegate of Germany
Future Ban-Ki Moon: Delegate of Germany
Most likely to go to jail: Delegate of South Korea

GA4 – Superlatives

17:40 After a full day of debating, our delegates finally get a time to relax, when our two Chairs raise 13 superlatives. Our delegates had a lot of fun when voting for the winners. Below are the questions and the winners.

  1. Most likely to end up in prison. The delegate of Kazagstan
  2. Best speaker. The delegate of Libya
  3. Best delegate. The delegate of Saudi Arabia
  4. Sexiest Delegate. The delegates of Brazil and USA
  5. Best dressed. The delegate of Libya
  6. Delegate you want to kick out. The delegate of UK
  7. Most likely to end up married to each other. The delegates of Saudi Arabia and the USA
  8. Most likely to betray their fellow delegate. The delegate of the UK
  9. Most likely to become a stripper. The delegate of India
  10. Most likely to succeed. The delegate of the UK
  11. Most likely to start a revolution. The delegate of Palestine
  12. Best Admin. Marilia Athinodorou
  13. Best hair. The delegate of the USA20

Security Council – Superlatives

Best Dressed: China

Shipped Couple: USA-Italy

Most likely to be a dictator: Japan

Most annoying: Senegal


Most likely to go to jail: Senegal and Italy

Best bromance: Senegal-Italy


Most sassy: Ukraine

Most sexy: France


Funniest delegate: China and Italy


Best smile: Kazakhstan


Funniest laugh: USA and China


Heart breaker: Russia


Security Council Breaks Record – Only 3 Minutes To Pass A Clause

5:31 pm In an unprecedented act, the Security Council has passed a clause in little more than 3 minutes. The clause, submitted by China, concerns the situation in Haiti and encourages the formation of a UN funded budget called ‘Haiti’s Welfare Security Budget’ with a main aim to reduce poverty and improve human and economic development in a country still suffering from an earthquake that occurred in 2012.

After reading the clause and conducting his opening speech, the delegate of China is only faced with one Point of Information from the delegate of Russia, who states that they fully supported the clause. No other Points of Information are offered, which is perhaps the least resistance seen over the past 2 days.

This lack of resistance could very well be the result of effective strategy and good planning during the lobbying and merging session yesterday (in which all delegates were actively participating), and this can stand as another piece of evidence of this years Security Council’s efficiency in getting things done.

It is likely that this year’s Security Council has set a record for the fastest clause ever passed in the 12 years of MEDIMUN, and with a few more clauses to go, one wonders if they can keep the pace up until the very end.

The delegate of the UK pictured on the left with the delegate of China pictured on the right


GA2 – Girls Rule the World

5:45 pm As the resolution on how to expose the Pink Tax is being debated, the delegate of Poland believes that the last clauses are “general and vague” with no ways for people to help report unfair product prices. The delegate of Kenya submits an amendment, suggesting Canada be followed as an example and the amendment passes with 49 votes, as does the resolution as a whole. Clapping is, finally, in order!

To honour today’s debate about the pink tax, the Chairs are asked to sing “Barbie Girl.” However, Markos (Chair) refuses to sing as he afraid to ruin any song. The delegates, however, join Maria – the other Chair – and sing with her.

As it has been a long day for all delegates, can we please just proceed?” Delegate of Albania

GA4: Ethiopia and Brazil opposes Ukraine

1917:10 pm The delegate of Ethiopia stresses the importance of the question at hand, and how crucial it is that the resolution agreed upon on, is not at all problematic or flawed. More specifically, the delegate speaks about clause 3 which refers to the accession of African-American and Native-American history in international history syllabuses, and how this only helps or solves the problem in America. Although this was a question that was clarified previously, the delegate mentioned “This resolution may cause confusion, and in the delegate’s mind this makes the resolution weak.”

17:20 pm The delegate of Brazil stresses the same point, focusing on the mistake or confusion caused by clause 3. He added that in the future history teachers might mark this resolution as biased or as propaganda, not only commenting that it is weak (as the delegate of Ethiopia mentioned before) but also not helpful to the question at hand. Therefore the delegate urges all delegates to vote against this resolution.

GA3 – Resolving the Zika Virus

The delegate of Myanmar, currently taking points of information. 5:15 pm The delegate of Argentina offers a dynamic solution to the spreading of the Zika virus, simply asking for more funding to be devoted to research in this area, adding  a quote from the famous Lebanese poet, Khalil Gibran; “Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.” There have been no other speeches for this resolution but one against, from the delegate of Myanmar. This delegate puts forward the idea of taking more drastic measures such as providing the people with protective clothing against mosquito bites, a main source for the spreading of the virus.



The delegate of Myanmar, currently taking points of information.

GA4: Last debate of the day



The delegate of Ukraine making their speech.

5:15 pm After voting for superlatives, it’s time for the delegates to get back to work and debate the final resolution of the day. This resolution has been submitted by Ukraine, on combating the glorification of Nazism and Neo-Nazism. The delegate takes the stage, emphasising the importance of measures for prevention, and education.

This is an issue that involves us all.

The floor is handed over to the delegate of China, who focuses on legal measures that can be implemented, such as the creation of specialised centres to work alongside prisons, where hate crime offenders could be sent to. The delegate of Afghanistan questions whether such a measure would be effective, which China counters.

If you could change their mindsets, even by a little, then your job is done.

Humans of MEDIMUN – Daniel Todd

What was a really embarrassing moment you had as a child that you’ll always remember?

“When I first moved to Cyprus,  I was involved in a diving competition for my school and I was already really late, so when the race was about to start, I didn’t realise the string of my trunks  were untied. I was pushed off and when I landed my perfect dive, my swimmers came right off in front of 500 people. The worst part of it all was that I was representing a new school so I felt extremely embarrassed.”

“Well at least I have a nice butt.”


Daniel Todd, English school of Kyrenia

The Sino Indian War

17:11 The Arrival of the first crisis regarding the Sino Indian War, brings a new conflict in the room. The atmosphere heats up once again as the exhaustion of the day starts to appear on the delegates’ faces. This however will be no obstacle in having an active debate on the removal of the Chinese troops.

As the day approaches to an end the ‘confession box’ is starting to fill up. This should be interesting.

More GA3 Confessions

The delegate of Chad with his bomb, swagalicious, rad looking shoes #whatarethooose

The delegate of Chad with his “bomb, swagalicious, rad-looking” shoes #whatarethooose

“Lets face it, Alex owns this place.”

“Does Alex have a Snapchat or Instagram?”

“To the delegate of Chad, what are thooose?”

“Alex from admin staff, is your notebook of contacts full yet?”

“He makes my knees weak. I’m talking about you, India.”

“I think Chad is making a race for it, I mean, just look at his shoes.”

GA3 Superlatives

Hottest member: Alex Georgiou (admin)

Best dressed: Alex Georgiou (admin)

Most likely to become a stripper: Delegate of Chad

Most likely to become a dictator: Delegate of Myanmar

Best delegate: Delegate of Estonia

Funniest delegate: Delegate of Finland

Shipping: Delegate of Chad and Finland


Who Gets the Cure?

4:03 pm Nations debate as to which of them deserve the cure.


Why should Russia be given the cure since they committed mass genocide?

“We are hoping for a better future”


El Chapo supports that Geert Wilders should be given the cure since they have been working more closely than any other nation with both scientists.


The prime minister states that Chinae has suffered the most and half of its 1.3 billion population has been exterminated.

United Kingdom:

Theresa May claims that the UK deserves the cure since it has provided one of the largest funding for research in this crisis.


France has less than 1% of the world population, why should we choose to save you instead of china?

“France is open to cooperate with anyone once we have the cure and will aid to help the rest of the world.”

Saudi Arabia:

“Our rich resources can offer funding for further research”


El Chapo states that he has dedicated his whole life to save the world. Without him to produce the Flacca drug the whole of mankind would have been extinct by now.


Merkel simply demands the cure for being a very powerful nation.


Donald Trump claims that the USA is the most deserving of a cure since it has the largest economic resources and will therefore be strong enough to sustain itself and other nations after this crisis.


Votes declare that the cure will be offered to: China, the UK and the USA.