Interview with Sarah Eltell (American Community School of Amman, Jordan)










Have you been to other MUN conferences in other countries before? How is this one different from those?

I’ve been to two THIMUN conferences in Qatar and one local conference in Dubai. This is the first time I met people from Cyprus, that’s pretty obvious, and it’s really global, there’s a lot of students from all around the world, which is big.

Describe your journey to Cyprus

The school proposed the idea of going to Cyprus for MUN and I was really intrigued by that, because Cyprus has always been a place I wanted to visit, so I signed up for it. The journey was an hour flight, I got to know my classmates better, learn a bit of Greek.

Tell us your favourite thing about your culture back home.

The culture in Jordan is very family-based, every weekend we meet with family, there’s like 20 people in one room. The food is also a major part of the culture, the traditional food with rice, meat and all that. We speak Arabic in Jordan, which is the main language. Other than that, it’s a very diverse and accepting culture because we have a lot of international residents in Jordan.

What’s a typical day at school for you?

A typical day at school is going in the morning, meeting with friends before class, working on different projects. I’m in the yearbook so I work for things in the yearbook and we take pictures. Cause we’re seniors we do a lot of things around school.