Interview with Mrs Andria Neocleous, Guest speaker at GA3

-What are the everyday challenges in your profession?

“Many. The fact that there are many cases that are not recorded, and this makes it very difficult to help the children in need. We try to break the silence of these children by awareness campaigns that we make. Another challenge is that there are no existing procedures to help children to report, so it’s important that we have some changes. There are still things to be changed and policies to be made.

-What do you enjoy most about your job?

“When we see that children get help, and they go back to ‘normal’. This is an achievement, and we think that the smile of the child when it gets help is an achievement on its own. “

-In your opinion, what are the best ways that someone can help a victim that has been tortured or trafficked?

“Of course through therapy. Because the traumas exist because of this abuse, only with psychological support and therapy the victims could eventually tackle the situation. This will make them feel protected, having someone to talk to and feel that they are away from the perpetrator, and by this method they will get the support they need and will make them feel better.”

-Why did you choose this career path?

“That’s a difficult question. For me, this job gives meaning. It is great when you see the result of your work, efforts and struggles, especially by seeing the result on the children.”