Goodbye to the Special Committee!

11.03 a.m: The delegate of Egypt announces the withdrawal of the country from the UN and welcomes any military action. The delegate of Saudi Arabia follows suit, and Egypt announces cooperation with North Korea. The delegate of the USA suggests removing all the clauses suggested by Egypt, but the action is opposed by the Chairs, who find the contributions of the delegate of Egypt important to the debate.


The delegate of Egypt reinforces his intention to ally with North Korea, and the chaos in the room continues, with Saudi Arabia retracting his stance and choosing to remain in the UN. The Chairs try to calm the room.

Chair Maria Mandritis: We ended on a clause asking for cooperation between nations.

Delegate of the USA: Member nations.

11.29 a.m: The Chairs read out the Committee’s confessions, quickly move through superlatives (Singapoore wins best outfits and France wins Most Likely to become a dictator), and take a last picture together before the Committee officially ends for the year.