Economics of Gender Discrimination

10.20 a.m: The second resolution of the Plenary Session on the topic of the economics of gender discrimination begins.

Clause 2 is highly achievable as it is very adaptable, states the delegate of Russia and goes on to establish clear parameters of casualty estimates. Russia’s delegate delivers a powerful opening speech speech. Gender discrimination remains the second largest violation of human rights.  This resolution aims to increase gender equality through legislative clauses. The delegate of the Russian federation would like to emphasise that it is to the prosperity of everyone to pass this resolution. The debate continues with a point of information by Ukraine asking the delegate to elaborate how they will deal with the issue of Syria and its economic problems of gender discrimination. The floor is yielded to the delegate of Cuba for a defence speech. However, the best part was by farIMG_3120 Germany’s attack speech. Germany’s delegate disagreed firmly with Cuba and Russia, and went on saying: ‘Gender equality is vital, and that the delegates lack the fact that women are hated more than black people by 75%. Moreover, he does not even accept points of information. Lebanon is recognised to make an attack speech right after that with points of information made by Russia asking if the delegate of Lebanon about his awareness on the fact this point is completely irrelevant, completely anti discriminatory.


The voting procedure begins. with 33 votes for, 40 votes against and 14 abstains, the resolution clearly does NOT pass!