El Baltiburn?!

5:50 pm Turns out El Chapo has a stunt double and  was taken to China and was working with Blackburn and Baltimore, being tested on and helping with research to find a cure to the Siwang virus.

The Siwang virus has finally been cured!

Humans of MEDIMUN – Daniel Todd

What was a really embarrassing moment you had as a child that you’ll always remember?

“When I first moved to Cyprus,  I was involved in a diving competition for my school and I was already really late, so when the race was about to start, I didn’t realise the string of my trunks  were untied. I was pushed off and when I landed my perfect dive, my swimmers came right off in front of 500 people. The worst part of it all was that I was representing a new school so I felt extremely embarrassed.”

“Well at least I have a nice butt.”


Daniel Todd, English school of Kyrenia

Who Gets the Cure?

4:03 pm Nations debate as to which of them deserve the cure.


Why should Russia be given the cure since they committed mass genocide?

“We are hoping for a better future”


El Chapo supports that Geert Wilders should be given the cure since they have been working more closely than any other nation with both scientists.


The prime minister states that Chinae has suffered the most and half of its 1.3 billion population has been exterminated.

United Kingdom:

Theresa May claims that the UK deserves the cure since it has provided one of the largest funding for research in this crisis.


France has less than 1% of the world population, why should we choose to save you instead of china?

“France is open to cooperate with anyone once we have the cure and will aid to help the rest of the world.”

Saudi Arabia:

“Our rich resources can offer funding for further research”


El Chapo states that he has dedicated his whole life to save the world. Without him to produce the Flacca drug the whole of mankind would have been extinct by now.


Merkel simply demands the cure for being a very powerful nation.


Donald Trump claims that the USA is the most deserving of a cure since it has the largest economic resources and will therefore be strong enough to sustain itself and other nations after this crisis.


Votes declare that the cure will be offered to: China, the UK and the USA.

Declaration of War! Finally!

2:05 pm Mr Trump has just declared war on North Korea with or without the assistance of the UN.

2:15 pm The Special Event visits the Security Council to convince them to vote for their motions. Trump argues tha North Korea is guilty of mass murder  and genocide, housing illegal criminals such as El Chapo and David Baltimore and creating weapons of mass destruction which means war would be an act of justice. Kim Jong Un argues against the siding with a narcissistic, ruthless, greedy leader who  doesn’t think of the good of his country.

The five permanent members of the Security Council gather together and discuss their decision as a group. The voting procedure takes place with the majority voting against the act of war while the motion is also vetoed by the P5.

North Korea is saved.

The Special Event group gathering in the Security Council

The Special Event group gathering in the Security Council


Trump VS Kim Jong Un

Trump VS Kim Jong Un

The major powers of the SC discussing their votes

The P5 of the Security Council discussing their votes

North Korea wishes to avoid War

2:50 pm A unanimous congress vote decided to declare a war against North Korea. Donald J. Trump refuses to acknowledge ever working with John Fisherman quoting: “What even is a Fisherman?”

Who will your allies be?

I will fight alone if necessary.


Theresa May and TEVA CEO, promise the creation of a vaccine to eradicate the virus and call for help from their allied superpowers to help expand research, inviting David Baltimore to ‘join in the fight’.


Decision time!

1:00 pm Plot twist! Decision time: Do the politicians allow millions of people to die or do they allow Al Saud to kill himself to save the conflict? Is Al Saud prepared to kill himself to save the good of mankind?

Al Saud is giving his last words in a prayer to Allah.

Donald Trump calls for the arrest of Mr Fisherman for mass murder.

The world hangs on a single string

1:00 pm John Fisherman will soon release a version of the Shiwang virus that will spread and multiply twice as fast as the original.

Mr Fisherman why are you doing this?

“Corruption and the abuse of the earth’s resources are destroying the human race. I’m trying to make the world leaders focus on the well being of the people. I want the world to hang on a single string and I want to hold the scissors…you have given me these scissors with the lack of cooperation between yourselves.”


Nations are in distress


“Search of peace through diplomacy”

12:25 pm An alliance has been established between Blackburn, El Chapo and Kim Jong-Un and  Xi Jinping. The Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guerres, offers provision of health services to all infected countries as well as staff training and new medical facilities specialising in facing the virus. Guerres also promises free testing for virus within these facilities, open to all nationalities.
He requests a peaceful entry into North Korea but states that the UN will use force if necessary.

Russian Genocide?

12:15 pm Putin suggests a controversial way of eradicating the problem: anyone infected with the virus will be executed as a way of preventing the virus from spreading to other countries. He claims the operation will start in six hours and that the Russian borders will be closed, meaning anyone leaving and entering  the country will be shot dead.

He suggests everyone who has infected citizens in their country to have them executed to keep the virus contained in their country. This causes uproar among the politicians at the outrage of Putin’s request.

“Will you have yourself shot or killed if you develop the disease yourself?” “Yes.”

“You are spreading fear around Russia taking away their rights, you do not have this right?”   “Harsh methods are required to achieve great things.”

Suicide of Indian leader reveals Creator of Virus

11:04 am

“I have been infected! We have spent too much time debating on this issue. I have to end it.”

–  Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s final words.

“My intention is to clean the world, not save the world.”

– Jhon Fisherman, creator of the Shiwang virus.

Statistical Update: 10% of the world’s population has died and 30% is infected…

Flacca drug or Stem cell research?

11:25 am Discussions between the individuals begin to escalate as they argue about whether to proceed with a cure using the Flacca drug or using the Elizabeth Blackburn’s research on stem cells.

Putin and Al Saud announce their union through a Soviet Arabia alliance in proceeding for the stem cells.

Chapo and David Baltimore announce that they are resigning from Trump’s administration. Kim Jong Un will supply them for flacca supplies while banning it in North Korea and the Netherlands.

Trump denounces the flacca drug from the USA and makes it illegal after the death of his daughter.

Trump and Jinping worriedly concerned about the effects of Flacca

Trump and Jinping concerned about the effects of Flacca

Elizabeth Blackburn arguing for her right to continue her research for another cure

Elizabeth Blackburn arguing for her right to continue her research for another cure

Freedom Party Rises in the Netherlands

10:12 am

Why are you planning to ban Muslims where the virus is only in Saudi Arabia?

Wilders: “We don’t want Muslim ideals in our country we want this out.”

Labour is able to move freely in the EU why just ban Muslims?

Wilders: “The disease has not yet spread to the EU so we wont involve ourselves with that now”

Kim Jong-Un forms a special relationship with the Netherlands and supports that the Muslim religion goes against the ideologies of Korea. Geert Wilders from the Party of Freedom, aims protect the world from Islam.

Meanwhile Al Saud states that “the Muslim ban will cause more aggression and rash ideologies“.


Special Event – New Day New Bonds

10:00 am As a bonding activity for the morning, each character has to write a personal question on a piece of paper and shuffle them in a box, for someone to pick up and answer truthfully.

‘Who would you go on a date with dead or alive?’ ‘Harry Styles’

‘Did you ever secretly want your teacher?’ ‘Yes, of course’

‘Who would you go out with?’ ‘Putin’

Last solution of the day!

5.05 pm The CEO of Teva and Elizabeth Blackburn turn against Chapo’s methods of a new Holocaust and are for a new treatment, rather than using the illegal flacca drug, that involves paranoia as a dangerous side effect

‘Are you aligned with Help for All?’

‘Im working for the benefit of my own industry but I can confirm that I am working with the UNDP, the WHO, USAID in researching the new treatment’ – CEO of Teva

AOE- Access of Ethics!


El Chapo talking about AOE

El Chapo talking about AOE

4.10pm: El Chapo presents a solution to the problem of Health… Ethics.


El Chapo introduces a new company AOE to promote ethical measures to cure the health problem with the help of Donald Trump.

‘What inspired you with the name of AOE?’

‘Well I was thinking about access of evil and then immediately thought of access of ethics, so there you go!’


El Chapo’s Stance on the Rising Virus

4:57 pm

To combat the virus, the DEA states that it is necessary to conduct research on human DNA. People will have a choice whether or not to take part in this experimental research unless they are Jews, Asians or homosexuals.

What do you say to criticisms that accuse you of following in the footsteps of homicide?

“Our aim is to save lives and we understand that certain sacrifices ought to be made along the way. Therefore we are willing to take that risk if it gives us the quickest and most efficient results,” says El Chapo.

Geert Wilders takes the stage… with company!

3.30 pm The Leader of the Freedom Party exhibits his body guards as he talks about protection from Muslin death threats he received recently. The conference argues about the Muslim ban since the spread of the virus to Arab countries. The question at hand: How ethical it is to completely obliterate an entire religion to protect only a couple thousands from the epidemic at hand?

Geert Wilders and his faithful bodyguards

Geert Wilders and his faithful bodyguards


China’s 60 seconds

12:50 pm Press Conference with Xi Jinping

The president of China calls for all allies to come together and face the epidemic problem side by side. He asks for each of them to offer as much assistance as possible in finding a solution to this virus.

13:10 pm  Illegal trade has started taking place in major ports all around China, which has left President Trump outraged.

Ganging up on Trump spirals into nuclear war!

12:50 pm Chair, Stephanos Jack, asks Donald Trump directly “What do you think of China’s isolation policy?”

The recent president elect replies with evident disgust as he considers it an act of aggression against the US and that the current sources of the virus are ‘fake news’. In response to China’s distress call Trump will act accordingly to do the best he can for the US.

Uproar spreads between Dr Chan and Mr Jinping as they say Trump’s actions are childish and remind everyone of an SNL episode. Within 15 minutes of the conference Mr Kim Jong Un brings out his nuclear war button and half-heartedly declares war on Trump.

Mr Kim Jong Un bringing up the question of nuclear war

Mr Kim Jong Un bringing up the question of nuclear war

Press Conference Time!

10:17 am Prime minister of China Xi Jinping presents the crisis of an uprising Siwang virus in rural China during a press conference with some curious journalists, and is showered with questions: “Why are you closing the borders of China?“, “How severe is the virus?

10:21 am The prime minister passes the floor to Dr Margaret Chan who talks about the impending virus and measures to be taken to deal with the problem.

Don’t you agree that if a country believes the virus is a rumour ,then it’s a waste of valuable resources to direct all our efforts to it? What would the WHO do to deal with the problem?

She concludes that top scientists will be used and protected in order to look into the virus and how it can be prevented in due course.



Special Event – Superlative winners!


Putin (Paolo) voted as best speaker and most likely to be a dictator.

Amnesty - NATO

Amnesty International and NATO (Lina and Raphael) voted best dressed.

Wang Yi

Wang Yi (Maria) voted the sexiest delegate.


Mr Juncker (Steph) voted best delegate.


President Trump (Daniel) voted funniest delegate.


Chair Nearchos voted as the member with the best hair.