Humans of MEDIMUN – Daniel Todd (The English School of Kerynia)

Who is your favorite political leader and why?

My favorite political leader is Jacinda Ardern, who’s the prime minister of New Zealand. She was elected quite recently and she’s also quite young, she’s the second youngest prime minister of New Zealand. The reason why I like her so much is because I think it’s awesome that she is really interested in solving many major problems in New Zealand  such as the housing crisis. It is quite specific but as a person from New Zealand it is so important to me. And she’s promised free tertiary education in the first year and an allowance for students has been increased, which is great for meunnamed (11).

Humans of MEDIMUN – Ilya Razinkin (The Grammar School Limassol)

Who’s your favorite political figure and why?

”My personal Leader and perhaps my own hero is definitely Abraham Lincoln. As you know his drive, passion and determination for the abolition of slavery not only influenced the West , Europe but also influenced the East. Really he is the most legendary individual known in History. For the 16th president of the United States, a lot of things were made after him. For me he is just incredible.”


Humans of MEDIMUN – Nihal Soganci, Chair GA1 (The English School)


What’s your favourite quote?

My favourite quote is from the movie Hotel Rwanda. “When people see these pictures, they’ll say ‘oh my god that’s horrible’ and then go on eating their dinners”. It really appalls me how people can turn their back to horrible injustice and suffering happening in ‘distant’ parts of the world just because it’s none of their business. For me, this is not being cautious or protective. This is cowardice.


Humans Of MEDIMUN – Christiana Christoforou and Emily Vrahimi, The English School

Who is your role model?

 Emily Vrahimi (right) – I would say my role models are my parents because they take care of me, provide me with all my necessities all the time and they also are so hard working and its so pleasing to see them happy all the time and work so hard at what they do.

 Christiana Christoforou (left) – My role models are also my parents because of the same reasons.unnamed (6)

Humans Of MEDIMUN – Jason Kang (Shanghai American School)

What’s the most embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced?

 ”When i was in grade 4, we were having silent reading in class and for some reason my grade 4 self was reading Harry Potter. I was reading in my head, reading in my head, until eventually there was a line, “BOOM” , and i decided to scream that in the library, in front of everyone. I still remember that to this day.”unnamed (5)


Humans of MEDIMUN – Jessica Wu (Shangai American School Pudong)

                                         IMG_3003                                                                                                          What’s the best part about being a delegate?

That you get to work with people from around the world.


Humans of MEDIMUN- Nicola Tymviou, Sales Manager, The English School Nicosia


What’s the funniest experience you’ve had during your 3 years at MEDIMUN?

“Oh my god, there are quite a lot, and they are all quite embarrassing. The one I remember quite distinctly though, was when a delegate asked me if he can have a ‘paper’, and spontaneously, I ran to the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper, and came back. We stared at each other for a minute. Ends up he wanted a paper to write on.”