Debating begins again after the break!

11:10 am Last clauses are debated by the delegates of the USA, UK, Canada and India. The Main submitter USA authorizes military aid and advises to help repel present and future incursions into Indian sovereign territory as delineated by the border agreed by the Security Council and supports training an Indian and multinational force to repel and protect against illegal invasion forces and for the maintenance of a permanent mountain base for special troops skilled in mountain and extreme warfare. This clause however does not pass.

Historical Security Council: Dalai Lama assassinated! China under suspicion for yet another crime?

10:18 am Another crisis arises in the Historical Security Council. The Dalai Lama has been assassinated and suspicions are aimed towards the Chinese government once again, after also having been suspected for the murder of Charles De Gaulle. Delegates of most countries are very cautious towards their negotiations with China, and are rethinking their deals and China’s trustworthiness. The delegate of China once again feels attacked.

Give land back to China

10:15 am Clause 17 calls upon the spirit of containment and free democracy, and further reminding that in the true spirit of the Truman Doctrine of Containment, the USA requests the return of China and India’s rightful territories through peaceful negotiations and an unbiased international survey to establish the border between India and China. The delegation of China strongly believes that the land which they have owned since the 13th century is rightfully China’s.

Sino-Indian War issue update! Delegates’ main concern is peace

10:00 am The delegates of the Historical Security Council are discussing a very efficient clause which recommends the placement of UN peacekeepers coming from neutral and unbiased nations on a border agreed upon by the Council. This will prevent either of China and India from crossing the line, and will ensure that no other armed forces, from either nation, will ever be placed near a border agreed by the Security Council.

The Sino Indian War

17:11 The Arrival of the first crisis regarding the Sino Indian War, brings a new conflict in the room. The atmosphere heats up once again as the exhaustion of the day starts to appear on the delegates’ faces. This however will be no obstacle in having an active debate on the removal of the Chinese troops.

As the day approaches to an end the ‘confession box’ is starting to fill up. This should be interesting.

Looking through history

2:55 pm An exact copy of Khrushchev’s letter is projected to the delegates where he has stated to initiate a nuclear first strike against the United States in the event of an American invasion of Cuba.

The soviet first deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs, V.V. Kuznestov is assassinated after being sent to New York Oct. 28, 1962 – another crisis which the delegates are now faced with and asked to respond to.

Breaking news in HSC

13:38 US president Kennedy destroys missiles in Cuba, and USA is left with a tough decision to make. The delegate of USA has to be persuaded to either invade in Cuba or not. The delegate of China begs: “Please don’t start a World War”. After a passionate speech, the delegate of Congo closes the discussion with a bold statement “Εν διαταγή”.

IMG_4558 (1)


An Unexpected Visit From The Past

2:15 pm The door suddenly burst open in the Security Council, and the Historical Security Council stormed in uninvited. Almost instantly, delegates from the Historical Security Council started conversing with delegates from the Security Council, and were quick to find their counterpart. Some of the notable things heard  over their constant chatter includes:

“I hope Cuba isn’t on the Security Council because she’s about to be nuked”

“CHINA YOU BACKSTABBING [censored] (apparently the president of France was assassinated by China in 1962) – Delegate of France

The Historical Security Council then left the same way they came: with no explanation, and leaving us with more questions than answers.

Recess in the house please

1:03 pm Clause of importing sugar from Cuba has been approved, which has aim to improve international relations. First clause that has passed in a while, as major countries such as the USA, USSR and France have been continuously using their VETO’s.

1:07 pm Delegates of Historical Security Council are tired and looking forward to lunchtime. The delegate of China is wondering why the Chairs have picked her to represent China, as most of the countries are against China’s communist ideas.

The point of these disputes which are placed between you, is to show you how the nations should remain united despite the differences and difficulties found along the way.” Loucas Charidemou, HSC Chair

Historical Security Council: Threat of USSR

12:30 am Delegate of India requests the support from other member states in order to remove the Jupiter missiles which are aimed directly at the USSR. The clause would only be considered fair if the USSR cooperates, states the delegate of the UK. Clause does not pass and the USA delegate’s vote against the resolution has played a vital role during the procedure.

UK shows support to Cuba

12:37 pm The delegate of the UK debates the submission with an amendment of the USSR and Canada that they emphasize the need for Cuba’s military aid with the exception of any nuclear missiles or any weaponry that can be used as weapons of aggression, particularly received from Canada, France, Italy and the USSR. The delegate of the UK supports the importance of the safety of Cubans. The delegate of Cuba wholeheartedly thanks the delegation of the UK for this amendment.


Historical Security Council – A Stance on Cuba and USA

12:08 pm The delegate of the UK is rephrasing their clause and acknowledging that a military doctrine for mutually assured destruction by two or more opposing sides endangers the balance of global interaction and foreshadows complete annihilation. The delegate of the UK acknowledges that this is undesirable for both sides, Cuba and USA.


Ethical issues arise in HSC

11:55 AM – Delegate of India stresses out once again that the countries present in the conference today forget that in third countries millions of lives are put at risk if explosion of missiles happen. The delegate stresses that the delegates that support the transportation of missiles should be taken at the risk of the countries which are for the continuation of the processions. Ensuring safety is one of India’s main concerns.


Historical Security Council: Democracy of the USA

9:55 am The delegate of USA discusses the increase in emigration from Cuba because of the increase in number of citizens in search for a more democratic host nation. While she supports the fact that the USA is a democratic nation and its duty to help other nations seeking democracy, she is cheerfully and continuously being reminded to remain standing during points of information.



Debating begins

4:57 pm After hours of hard work, lobbying and merging has finally come to an end. The two chairs give a presentation on the historical events of the Cuban missile crisis. This gives the delegates the opportunity to debate clauses that could have altered the past. Terminating diplomatic relations with the USSR and Cuba brings segregation between the delegates of France and USSR against the delegates of UK and USA.

MEDIMUN 2017 begins in the Historical Security Council

9:31 am The day in the Historical Security Council begins enthusiastically.

Following a brief icebreaker game, 2 truths and a lie, the two chairs Loucas Charidemou and Evgenia Chamilou introduce themselves and explain in detail the schedule of the upcoming days, stating that: “We are here to improve the past”. Delegates appear keen and enthusiastic to debate and expand on the topics of the “Sino-Indian War” and the “Cuban missile crisis”.

9:49 am Loucas Charidemou interrupts the delegates to sing Happy Birthday to the delegate of Canada!