Just a few punishments to start the day in GA4!

9.21 p.m: The beginning of day three in GA4, the delegate of Canada arrived late. He had to start dancing to the rhythms of ‘Wannabe’ alongside the delegate of the USA. In addition he sang the lyrics of ‘Despacito’ in Spanish.

Furthermore,  the chairs get the punishment they deserved from being late yesterday by Michael dancing to rhythm of Dancing Queen and Eliza singing, as they even take their shoes off.


Confessions time

5.30 p.m: “The delegate of Hungary is the cutest!”

“Your’e not from Canada if you don’t say sorry at least 12 times…”

“The delegate of New Zealand should tie her shoelaces, i don’t want you to fall for anyone else.”

“I apologise for being correct”

“I heard Iran but then I ran”

“The US is really bad at choosing topics”

“Now i understand that the chairs left the gender topics for the end, they wanted to give other topics a chance before we destroy the building”

“USA is your name Daniel, because damn”

“Ukraine… This is why Russia took Crimea”

“Your’e laugh is amazing Canada”

“There truly are just two genders”

“Most likely to become a stripper goes to the delegate of Canada”

“South Africa has cute glasses”

“In which country do they celebrate every time they score a goal, Angola”

Best dressed delegate (MALE): Canada

Best dressed delegate (Female): China

Most Sassy: Ukraine

Most attractive delegate: USA

Most likely to steal your girl: USA

Most likely to be dictator: Ukraine

How hard is defining gender in contemporary age?

4.50 p.m: A new resolution begins. The legal question of defining gender in contemporary age still troubles our GA. The question that troubles the delegate of Saudi Arabia is the one regarding the idea of Canada’s example of the Bill C-16 Law and the implementation of the same or similar policies. How would that be applied in countries where same-gender marriage is illegal? The delegate of Mexico seems perplexed by this… Good luck delegate!

Italy needs change, Vietnam is doodling!

3.30 p.m: The delegate of Italy believes in a more free environment where change is possible. People should be able to feel whatever they feel with no judgement. It is support of Lebanon urges to remind ourselves why we are here! “What do we stand for? What kind of people are we going to be? Think about that!”  Despite all the drama the delegate of Vietnam seems to be doodling…. Enjoy! IMG_3872

Tough resolution, will it pass?

25 For, 29 against, 11 abstains and the resolution does not pass!

Jamaica and Ukraine apologise?

2.45 p.m: After all the drama, Ukraine and Jamaica apologise for their remorseless attitude!  Way to go girls!  And just like that the debate of the maritime refuges submitted by Palestine begins. Are the refugees too costly? Or are they all criminals? Well Palestine doesn’t think so… It is all a matter of the wealth and the size of the country. If they have the wealth and the size they should provide and protect them. Best of luck to this passionate delegate!

Resolution does not pass! Wondering why…..?


14.35 p.m: Is the chair getting too close with the delegate of Ukraine? Is he a little biased after multiple paper passing conversations with her?  When the chairs announced that there will be a another attack speech the female chair said Georgia however, the chair insisted that “Ukraine should go” and even stated a clear “no” for the countries. Despite the words of the delegate that the focus should be on educating the people, and not being close minded about cultures and religions, he seems to be focused elsewhere.  Shocker, the resolution does not pass. Was the attack speech by Ukraine that good?

Jamaica thinks we should kill gay people?

14.10 p.m: There is one more defense by Kazakhstan. The delegate of Ukraine suggests that transgender people are the new trend. However people shall consider loosing  their culture or even their population as they can not reproduce. The delegate of Italy feels offended by the delegate of Ukraine who goes in suggesting that this is an illness. Even the chairs were in need to calm the delegate of Italy down. On the other hand though the delegate of Palestine seems to support the delegate of Italy emphasizing the high number of people prosecuted every year. This resolution goes on fire as the delegate of Jamaica starts their attack speech,  saying that “they don’t really care! We should kill them as they are not providing any culture. Ukraine goes on saying: “We don’t aim for equality but for improvement!”. Harsh, harsh harsh! Will the resolution pass after such a merciless yet spicy attack speech?

Debating, debating, debating

12.10 p.m: After the guest speaker and social anthropologist Olga Demetriou finishes her presentation about refugees, the assembly continues with their second debate concerning the issue of maritime refugees. The delegate of Portugal delivers a speech supporting the resolution, following an attack speech from the delegate of Malaysia. An amendment submitted by the delegate of Mexico, who delivers a speech in its favor. With no speeches against the amendment, the delegates vote, and the amendment passes. The resolution as a whole does not pass, clapping is not in order.

Intellectual property rights for pharmaceutical patents and technology

10.17 a.m: The second debate, concerns the question of Intellectual property rights for pharmaceutical patents and technology. The delegates of DPRK, China and Belgium deliver speeches supporting the resolution and while the delegate of Ukraine attacks the resolution. The assembly moves to the voting procedure, where the resolution passes.

Second day starting!

9.30 a.m: After the delegates and organisers take the annual photos of the conference, GA 4 starts its second day with a debate discussing a resolution submitted by the delegate of the USA, concerning the question of Maritime Refugees. The delegates of the USA and Thailand deliver their speeches encouraging all delegates to vote for the resolution, and accepting all points of information. Then, the delegates of China and Cambodia deliver their speeches against the resolution, following an amendment from the delegate of Madagascar,  which passes with the majority of the votes. The resolution as a whole does not pass, and clapping is not in order.

Pharmaceutical Patents On the Table

5.30 p.m: Ukraine reads the resolution about intellectual property for Pharmaceutical patents and technology submitted. She urges us to use our collective power,  because if we don’t, we will be criminals.

The speaker of Brazil insists that patent laws are important. Furthermore, that the high tech research is needed for medicine and is vital in each and every country. However,  everybody’s’ question is; “who provides the high budget for the high-tech research?”

Accidentally deleted the resolution…

4.15 p.m: The delegate of Malaysia and her allied countries, instead of submitting their resolution they vividly expressed in panic that they accidentally deleted the resolution. The chairs and the entire room was  disturbed by this. Until she revealed it was all a prank. The chairs fell for it. The room fell into laughter. Good one Malaysia!

The spirit of the group

4.00 p.m: The delegates are getting tired by the long hours of preparations for their resolutions. However some of them have managed to keep their positive energy like the delegate of Chile. Any word her fellow allies would mention she would break into a song or make puns about it. Talk about a “chilli(Chile)” attitude! IMG_3865

Mikaella Tryfon of Archbishop Makarios III – Dasoupolis

Times of trouble!

3.00 p.m: Lunch break is officially over. The chairs are concerned that the delegate are not finishing their resolutions, as they are still lobbying and merging. The delegates however are not concerned  at all. In fact the delegate of Georgia states clearly that she is “shocked” by the idea of not having another coffee break. Truly troubling!

Where the fashion choices matter

12.30 a.m: The opening conference has ended and the delegates are rushing back to their GAs. The allies of GA4 are panicking to finish their resolution on time. However, the delegate of Denmark  seems to have a different concern. When the Delegate of Italy made of fun his dark black suit, he replied “Jeez, it is a blue suit! Da(да, it means yes in Russian)..!”  He seems to be gaining lots of popularity within his allies.  Best of luck  you fashionable delegate.IMG_3861

The delegate of Iran or shall I say Iraq

10:30 a.m: The big struggle of the Delegate of Iran thought that she was Iraq.  Messed up she wrote a resolution about that. When she arrived she was Iran.

Iran  supports the resolution of the change in gender while Iraq doe not support it.

This is a real  tie breaker.

Best of luck to the delegate

GA4: Confessions!

“You have Mozam-piqued my interest.”

“The delegate of Saudi Arabia’s public speaking skills are outstanding.”

“I’m not a photographer but I can picture me and you together.”

“Lost in the delegate of Palestine’s eyes.”

“Thanks for all those random notes. Hope your feet hurt more than ours do.”

“The delegate of the UK is very energetic and has delivered some excellent speeches.”

GA4 – Superlatives

17:40 After a full day of debating, our delegates finally get a time to relax, when our two Chairs raise 13 superlatives. Our delegates had a lot of fun when voting for the winners. Below are the questions and the winners.

  1. Most likely to end up in prison. The delegate of Kazagstan
  2. Best speaker. The delegate of Libya
  3. Best delegate. The delegate of Saudi Arabia
  4. Sexiest Delegate. The delegates of Brazil and USA
  5. Best dressed. The delegate of Libya
  6. Delegate you want to kick out. The delegate of UK
  7. Most likely to end up married to each other. The delegates of Saudi Arabia and the USA
  8. Most likely to betray their fellow delegate. The delegate of the UK
  9. Most likely to become a stripper. The delegate of India
  10. Most likely to succeed. The delegate of the UK
  11. Most likely to start a revolution. The delegate of Palestine
  12. Best Admin. Marilia Athinodorou
  13. Best hair. The delegate of the USA20

GA4: Ethiopia and Brazil opposes Ukraine

1917:10 pm The delegate of Ethiopia stresses the importance of the question at hand, and how crucial it is that the resolution agreed upon on, is not at all problematic or flawed. More specifically, the delegate speaks about clause 3 which refers to the accession of African-American and Native-American history in international history syllabuses, and how this only helps or solves the problem in America. Although this was a question that was clarified previously, the delegate mentioned “This resolution may cause confusion, and in the delegate’s mind this makes the resolution weak.”

17:20 pm The delegate of Brazil stresses the same point, focusing on the mistake or confusion caused by clause 3. He added that in the future history teachers might mark this resolution as biased or as propaganda, not only commenting that it is weak (as the delegate of Ethiopia mentioned before) but also not helpful to the question at hand. Therefore the delegate urges all delegates to vote against this resolution.

GA4: Last debate of the day



The delegate of Ukraine making their speech.

5:15 pm After voting for superlatives, it’s time for the delegates to get back to work and debate the final resolution of the day. This resolution has been submitted by Ukraine, on combating the glorification of Nazism and Neo-Nazism. The delegate takes the stage, emphasising the importance of measures for prevention, and education.

This is an issue that involves us all.

The floor is handed over to the delegate of China, who focuses on legal measures that can be implemented, such as the creation of specialised centres to work alongside prisons, where hate crime offenders could be sent to. The delegate of Afghanistan questions whether such a measure would be effective, which China counters.

If you could change their mindsets, even by a little, then your job is done.

GA4: Debate against continues

3:48 pm The delegate of Spain also takes the stage to speak against the resolution, describing it as ‘naive’ and ‘romanticised’, and accepts a point of information from the UK, which supports Spain’s arguments. After a motion to extend debate time, the delegate of Israel also takes the stage to attack the resolution, attacking particularly the suggestion to interview ordinary people about their beliefs on people of different colour. The delegates of Albania and Lebanon make points of information, also attacking the vague nature of the resolution.

3:55 pm With 18 votes for, 39 votes against and no abstentions, the resolution does not pass. The Chairs also announce the introduction of superlatives, which will be voted for after the break.

The delegate of Israel attacks the resolution

GA4: North Korea and Ethiopia against Nicaragua

15:25 The delegate of North Korea begins her attack speech and three words stood out “Naivety”, “Ignorance”, “Reluctance”. She urged the house to vote against this resolution as it is “written in naivety”, “proves the ignorance of the countries who wrote it” and their “reluctance to live in the present”. Specifically, the two lined clause 1 is deemed too short and lacking information. The delegate of North Korea repeats several times:

“The law cannot change people’s opinions. If it could then the KKK, or ISIS would not have risen. It is also in the people’s rights to have these ideologies as part of freedom of speech and expression”.

Everyone in the room strongly disagrees and the delegate of the UK mockingly shouts: “Is it not ironic that this is North Korea talking about freedom of speech?”. Cheers and applause follow.

15:43 The delegate of Ethiopia’s message was much simpler stating:  “This resolution offers no solution to the question at hand”. The delegate then proceeds by saying several examples of clauses that are too naive and vague to be voted for. In the end the delegate simply states: “I urge all delegates to vote against this resolution as it offers no real solution to this problem”.