MEDIMUN 2017 Opening Ceremony


The 12th annual session of MEDIMUN was officially set underway today with a grandiose opening ceremony at the European University of Cyprus. Classical music performed by the brass band of the English School marked the beginning of the ceremony, accompanying the colourful flag parade, symbolic of the diversity of students who have gathered here from all around Cyprus, Greece and Czech Republic.



First spoke Senior Director Mr James Lodge, who elaborated on the importance of conferences such as MEDIMUN in an era with a great focus on what has been named ‘post-truth politics’. He commented on the growing role played by emotions in global politics, referring to recent events such as Brexit and President Trump’s election. “People know how they feel, and don’t care about the facts. […] But we want you to know things – it’s useful to know the facts.




Following a powerful performance of Viva la Vida by the English School choir, MEDIMUN then had the pleasure of being spoken to by American Ambassador to Cyprus, Ms Kathleen Doherty, who commended the conference on its ability to spark interest in young people about international relations – a platform which is “When I was your age, I didn’t think about the world beyond me. I lived in New York, and thought that was the world.

With that, Secretary General Zoe Kassinis hit the gavel with evident excitement, giving the signal for delegates to return to their GAs and start the debating process in an attempt to understand just how much it takes to change the world.

Welcome to MEDIMUN 2017!

This editorial would not truly belong to 2017 if we were not to address the desire for segregation currently sweeping the world.

Dear reader, you know all of this: the certainty that the different is the unwanted, the hatred, the words that stick to conversations like clothes on wet skin. You know this, you need not be told. A rift is being forced between us, driven by those who are convinced the world belongs to a select few, as if the rest are unworthy of humanity.

Some matters need shouting to be heard, and MEDIMUN can be a source of volume, a way to meet someone to walk beside, a platform from which to jump into a world as its doors are being shut from those safely within its boundaries.

If we ask why MEDIMUN has been happening for the past twelve years, the answer is not only that it teaches us to speak but also that it teaches us to listen. It encourages us to hold on to our opinions firmly but not blindly, it teaches us that change is healthy. Our diversity makes it so that the ends are not always seen as justifying the means. So if we wish to change the ends caused by others, their means must also be avoided.

Dear reader, you need not be told. For as part of the MEDIMUN experience, you know that what matters is not being told what to think, but being told to do so.

Your editors,

Orestis Michaelides

Eleana Kasoulide

Marina Leonidou

Editorial – Day 2

Dear readers,

As the second day draws to an end, all the delegates gradually make their way back home, satisfied with the development of the Conference, be it their newly acquired friendships or their successful resolutions. We can say nothing other than congratulations to everyone for all their achievements over the past two days! Being able to attend every single debate and listen to all attack and defence speeches, we can proudly conclude that the level of the Conference this year was profoundly high.

From the countless one-liners we have heard and the funny moments we witnessed, we decided to share the best with you! In the Special Event, Donald Trump decided to come out as gender fluid and in GA4 Leon Trotsky thought a delegate was ‘Hotsky’. In GA2, red-heads were characterised as ‘hot and mesmerising’ whereas in GA3, someone was ‘hungry for Hungary’. In the Security Council, ‘the opening of the window is in order’ but in GA1 ‘hissing is not in order’. Meanwhile, although the G20 did not have anything funny to say, they definitely had the best dance moves.

On that note, on behalf of the Medinews team, we would like to wish you a very constructive Plenary Session tomorrow!

Your editors,

Marina Economidou

Marina Leonidou

Vasilis Odysseos


Special Thanks to Orla Hadjisophocleous for her contribution today!

Editorial – Day 1

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 11th Annual MEDI.MUN Conference!  We hope that you are all enjoying the experience so far, whether it is newfound or not.  This year’s Conference has once again commenced with young passionate delegates eager to share their views on the challenging global issues being discussed in their respective GAs.  Additionally, this year we are delighted to have delegates coming from a variety of schools all over Cyprus, and also Palestine, making the 11th Annual Conference the largest one thus far.

We hope that you have become familiar with the Mediblog, the digital version of Medinews, where you might have already seen pictures and videos of yourselves as captured by our talented and ambitious writers!

While many could be tangled up in the hard work of resolution-making, debating and organizing, we would like to remind you that MEDI.MUN is not only about hard work.  Do not forget that making friends, having fun and enjoying every moment are all essential components of MEDI.MUN. On behalf of the whole team we would advise you to make the most of it and enjoy the conference while it lasts.

See you all tomorrow!

Your editors,

Marina Economidou

Marina Leonidou

Vasilis Odysseos