GA2 Confessions

“Albania, marry me.”

“I’m going to marry the delegate of Philippines in a few years, I’m sure of it.”

“Some delegates in this GA could fight a T-rex and still look flawless.”

” I was going to say a joke, but IRAN out of ideas.”

” I want to hear the Chairs’ Trump imitation.”

Security Council: Confessions!

Notable confessions from the Security Council Confession Box:

“Does anyone have a map? Because I think I got lost in Kazakhstan’s eyes.”

“I still use Internet Explorer.”

“How do you call a snake that is exactly 3.14 metres in length? A pi-thon.”

“Sometimes I paint myself orange and pretend that I’m a carrot” at which Kazakhstan replied with “THAT PERSON IS MY SPIRIT ANIMAL.”

GA3 Confessions

“Delegate of Myanmar we love you.”

“Your hair is mesmerizing.”

“Delegate of Poland, was your father an alien, because honey there is nothing else like you.”

“Cambodia is cute.”

“Japan is super pretty.”

GA4: Confessions!

“You have Mozam-piqued my interest.”

“The delegate of Saudi Arabia’s public speaking skills are outstanding.”

“I’m not a photographer but I can picture me and you together.”

“Lost in the delegate of Palestine’s eyes.”

“Thanks for all those random notes. Hope your feet hurt more than ours do.”

“The delegate of the UK is very energetic and has delivered some excellent speeches.”

GA1 – Confessions

“The MEDIMUN program should include a one hour nap time.”
“India digs Nigeria.”
“To Saudi Arabia, kisses from Cuba.”
“I’m Batman.”
“Cambodia is slowly falling in love with France.”
“Valentine’s is coming and I like a girl. What should I do to make her like me?”
“Our Chair has very nice hair.”

GA1 – Superlatives!

Best delegate: Delegate of Finland
Most charming male: Delegate of Sudan, Libya, Cuba, South Korea and Luke (The Chair)
Most charming female: Delegate of France
Most likely to become a dictator: Delegate of Germany
Dressed for success (male): Delegate of Poland
Dressed for success (female): Delegate of Saudi Arabia
Best speaker: Delegate of Germany
Future Ban-Ki Moon: Delegate of Germany
Most likely to go to jail: Delegate of South Korea

GA4 – Superlatives

17:40 After a full day of debating, our delegates finally get a time to relax, when our two Chairs raise 13 superlatives. Our delegates had a lot of fun when voting for the winners. Below are the questions and the winners.

  1. Most likely to end up in prison. The delegate of Kazagstan
  2. Best speaker. The delegate of Libya
  3. Best delegate. The delegate of Saudi Arabia
  4. Sexiest Delegate. The delegates of Brazil and USA
  5. Best dressed. The delegate of Libya
  6. Delegate you want to kick out. The delegate of UK
  7. Most likely to end up married to each other. The delegates of Saudi Arabia and the USA
  8. Most likely to betray their fellow delegate. The delegate of the UK
  9. Most likely to become a stripper. The delegate of India
  10. Most likely to succeed. The delegate of the UK
  11. Most likely to start a revolution. The delegate of Palestine
  12. Best Admin. Marilia Athinodorou
  13. Best hair. The delegate of the USA20

Security Council – Superlatives

Best Dressed: China

Shipped Couple: USA-Italy

Most likely to be a dictator: Japan

Most annoying: Senegal


Most likely to go to jail: Senegal and Italy

Best bromance: Senegal-Italy


Most sassy: Ukraine

Most sexy: France


Funniest delegate: China and Italy


Best smile: Kazakhstan


Funniest laugh: USA and China


Heart breaker: Russia


More GA3 Confessions

The delegate of Chad with his bomb, swagalicious, rad looking shoes #whatarethooose

The delegate of Chad with his “bomb, swagalicious, rad-looking” shoes #whatarethooose

“Lets face it, Alex owns this place.”

“Does Alex have a Snapchat or Instagram?”

“To the delegate of Chad, what are thooose?”

“Alex from admin staff, is your notebook of contacts full yet?”

“He makes my knees weak. I’m talking about you, India.”

“I think Chad is making a race for it, I mean, just look at his shoes.”

GA3 Superlatives

Hottest member: Alex Georgiou (admin)

Best dressed: Alex Georgiou (admin)

Most likely to become a stripper: Delegate of Chad

Most likely to become a dictator: Delegate of Myanmar

Best delegate: Delegate of Estonia

Funniest delegate: Delegate of Finland

Shipping: Delegate of Chad and Finland


Confession time for GA3

12:00 pm

Revelations from the confession box:

To Alex, the admin staff: “Are you made from copper and tellurium? Because you’re hella CuTe.”

A true meme-lover, the delegate of Serbia: “Cash me outside how bouh dah.

I think we can safely say that Alex, the admin staff, has dethroned ‘Alex from Target’ on his level of cuteness. (more pop culture references for you)

Special Event – New Day New Bonds

10:00 am As a bonding activity for the morning, each character has to write a personal question on a piece of paper and shuffle them in a box, for someone to pick up and answer truthfully.

‘Who would you go on a date with dead or alive?’ ‘Harry Styles’

‘Did you ever secretly want your teacher?’ ‘Yes, of course’

‘Who would you go out with?’ ‘Putin’