Humans of MEDI.MUN – Rafael Ellinas (The English School Nicosia)

What is the funniest thing that has happened in MEDI.MUN so far?

I think that the breaks, when they all come to eat are the funniest because it’s chaos.


GA3’s Resolution at the Plenary Session

10:50 am The delegate of UK from GA3 confidently walks on stage and begins right away to present her resolution, which presents ideas and strategies of dealing with the spread and also the impact of the Zika virus. Two of the points of information attack the clause which requests for the countries to propound their own strategic plans to fight the virus. The two delegates say that this clause is not practical for countries that are not developed enough to do this kind of thing on their own. The delegate of UK manages to satisfy these points by proposing for such unable countries to be aided by the WHO. However, due to an overwhelming majority voting against the resolution, it does not pass and clapping is not in order.

GA3 – Resolving the Zika Virus

The delegate of Myanmar, currently taking points of information. 5:15 pm The delegate of Argentina offers a dynamic solution to the spreading of the Zika virus, simply asking for more funding to be devoted to research in this area, adding  a quote from the famous Lebanese poet, Khalil Gibran; “Safeguarding the rights of others is the most noble and beautiful end of a human being.” There have been no other speeches for this resolution but one against, from the delegate of Myanmar. This delegate puts forward the idea of taking more drastic measures such as providing the people with protective clothing against mosquito bites, a main source for the spreading of the virus.



The delegate of Myanmar, currently taking points of information.

More GA3 Confessions

The delegate of Chad with his bomb, swagalicious, rad looking shoes #whatarethooose

The delegate of Chad with his “bomb, swagalicious, rad-looking” shoes #whatarethooose

“Lets face it, Alex owns this place.”

“Does Alex have a Snapchat or Instagram?”

“To the delegate of Chad, what are thooose?”

“Alex from admin staff, is your notebook of contacts full yet?”

“He makes my knees weak. I’m talking about you, India.”

“I think Chad is making a race for it, I mean, just look at his shoes.”

Food shortages in Somalia

One of the speakers subjecting to this resolution is the delegate of Lebanon, who expresses that giving lessons to the farmers of Somalia for more efficient farming methods will not necessarily improve farming, since the people don’t have the necessary funding, equipment or fertilisers to apply these methods.

Further debating upon the humanitarian crisis

2:40 pm The delegate of Ethiopia is the first one to take the stage after the lunch to deliver her speech on the humanitarian crisis in Somalia. She lays out the impact a long term draught may have in a country, and reposes on the importance of clean water and dry food. She states that a very effective way to do this is raising awareness and educating the public in farming practices while also encouraging those who do have the required money to donate it for charities.


“People are dying, the children are dying, the future generations are dying.”

Debates continue: Humanitarian Crisis in Somalia



12:50 pm The delegate of Saudi Arabia presents her argument on the humanitarian crisis that has arisen due to the long-term food shortages and drought in Somalia. She touches upon the horrid conditions in the overcrowded safety camps and the lack of cooperation and response from other member states in the sense that very little money has been collected for this purpose. To tackle this problem, the delegate proposes the creation of more refugee settlements and the possible provision of clean food and water to the people.

Confession time for GA3

12:00 pm

Revelations from the confession box:

To Alex, the admin staff: “Are you made from copper and tellurium? Because you’re hella CuTe.”

A true meme-lover, the delegate of Serbia: “Cash me outside how bouh dah.

I think we can safely say that Alex, the admin staff, has dethroned ‘Alex from Target’ on his level of cuteness. (more pop culture references for you)

Guest Speaker in GA3

11:40 am GA3 is visited by a guest speaker, Takis Hadjigeorgiou, who begins delivering his passionate speech. The whole room is listening intently as they are absorbing the words of Mr. Hadjigeorgiou, about various topics, starting from the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, decades ago, and moving onto more pressing issues such as globalisation and the separation of Europe into the so called ‘East and the West’. Thank you for sharing with us your inspiring, humanitarian words, Mr. Hadjigeorgiou.

"We are all humans and that is the glue that holds us together."

“We are all humans and that is the glue that holds us together.”

Re-voting in GA3

11:00 am After the delegate of the UK’s resolution was not passed before the short break, the chairs have decided to carry out the voting procedure again, perhaps hoping that the delegates will change their decisions, now that they have been fuelled with snacks. The votes are collected and the resolution, this time passes. Clapping is in order, and once again we see how much of a difference a cup of coffee and a chocolate cake can make. 16699737_938250929644059_1115483484_n

The debate of the Zika virus continues

10:15 am The delegate of Cuba takes the stage, following16667418_938235719645580_904199844_o the delegate of the UK, to establish her own resolution, which draws attention to the fatalities that can be caused due to the virus. This encourages the other delegates to vote for the resolution. However, there seems to be quite a number of delegates against the points that are being made.

GA3 Ready As Ever

9:30 am GA3 has risen up and is ready to shine. The debate begins with the resolution on the strategies to combat the Zika virus, presented by the delegate of Iran. The delegate highlights the importance of extensive research of this virus and is supported by the whole room it seems.

Debates on Resolutions Begin!

The delegate of Libya, after her resolution has been passed.

The delegate of Libya, after her resolution has been passed.

4.30 pm The delegate of Libya is the first to go on stage, delivering her speech that supports the maintenance of safety of the journalists in the Middle East. The primary ideas presented are providing journalists with security equipment and training, while also dealing with the impunity of the states towards journalist crimes. Inevitably, the idea of calling for the cooperation of all member states is highlighted. The delegate awaits for the reactions of the room with excitement with a slight hint of tension. Being the first speaker takes courage!

Interview with the Dutch Ambassador, Mark Rutgers van der Loeff

How would you encourage the exchange of students between Cyprus and The Netherlands both for education and for other purposes?

“I think the Netherlands has quite a bit to offer Cypriot students. We have [a wide range of courses], the universities are in English so they are accessible to Cypriots and English-speakers in general as well. It is pretty affordable. The fee is 2000 euros per year and the living expenses are reasonable as well. If you look at the statistics, the number of Cypriots who go to the Netherlands to study goes up every year. Currently there are around 200 Cypriots going to the Netherlands to study there.

How do you think events such as MEDIMUN help students improve?

“I think it helps them a lot because I have to say, it is kind of a simulation. It is very realistic. How the UN works is pretty much how it’s played here so if you have this experience and you put it on your CV I think it will be useful for many employers considering your application, so I think it’s useful. It gives delegates experience.”

What is your stance on the current relationship of Greek speaking and Turkish speaking Cypriots? Do you think a solution to the Cyprus problem would remove the obstacles standing between the two communities?

“Well, absolutely. The Netherlands, as all EU countries, are very Interview 2much in favour of the reunification of Cyprus and we try to support them however we can. For instance, we support NGOs in Cyprus who work on bringing together Turkish and Greek Cypriots. We do also support a lot of events in the buffer zone, in the Home for Cooperation and if you go there you will see both sides meeting. You will see it is actually very natural. People live on one island and unfortunately due to the history they have been split for a couple of decades. But when I see how dynamically and positively people interact, I am hopeful that it will be solved.”

How do you think the current refugee crisis is affecting both Cyprus and The Netherlands?

“It is affecting the whole of the EU in the sense that there is a large number of refugees coming to EU countries. I think the EU made a very good deal with Turkey about managing the crisis and the EU made a very good deal internally about how to redistribute refugees coming from Greece and from Italy to other countries, so i think the EU, being a big block, with hundreds of millions of people and a lot of money available is very much able to deal with the refugee crisis right now.”

By Sivekar Tascioglu

GA3’s Hectic Start!

9:50 am Lobbying begins in GA3 with the frantic exchange of papers between delegates, highlighters out and editing each others’ resolutions. The delegates discussing the spread of the Zika virus agree that one of the most important issues to touch upon is the media, though uncertain murmurs can be heard around the room: “After all, the media manipulates people.