Security council superlatives

  1. Best bromance:  China and Equatorial Guinea
  2. Cutest couple: The Chairs/ Kazakhstan and Russia
  3. Most likely to break your heart: Bolivia
  4. Most likely to end up in prison:UK
  5. Dictator delegate:UK
  6. Best dressed: Kuwait
  7. Funniest: Ivory coast/ Peru
  8. Naughtiest: Peru/China
  9. Most innocent: Netherlands
  10. Sexiest delegate: Sweden
  11. Most likely to become famous: Ivory coast
  12. Most handsome(m):Bolivia
  13. Prettiest(f): Sweden
  14. Best hair: USA
  15. Cutest smile: Sweden
  16. Kindest: Sweden, Ethiopia, Russia
  17. Sleepiest: Bolivia

Security council gets interrupted!

11.09 a.m: During a vital moment in the Security council the Special Committee on Bioethics council burst into the room in order to see if they can kick a permanent member out of the security council. The delegates seemed dissatisfied and confusion was written on all their faces. However, debates are continuing on schedule and the speakers are getting more and more heated as the time passes as all delegate are very invested in the topic of the reform of the security council. In fact, the delegate of Peru even threw a plastic cup on the delegate of the UK’s head during a very heated moment!

IMG_4168 IMG_4163

Italy and Germany to become permanent members?

9.54 p.m: The first clause of the day concerning the question of Germany and Italy becoming permanent members of the UN. Shortly after, an amendment was made excluding Italy from the clause but the clause has still not passed due to a slim majority. It seems that the day has gotten off to a slow start. Hopefully the next speaker will be more successful!

The final debate

3:47 pm: After the break and a brief photo-shoot between the delegates the third and final debate concerning the reform of the security council has begun. The delegate of the Ivory Coast claims its the perfect opportunity to bring about a change in the security council so as to adapt to the modern world since there has been virtually no change for a few decades.

3:52 p.m: The clause passed with a slim majority!


Finally a resolution is formed… sort of

12.13 p.m: After many clauses submitted, one which was submitted by the delegate of Poland and was an amendment of a previous clause has finally passed unanimously. A  sigh of relief was heard from almost all delegates and the sound of applause filled the room. There are only a few clauses left and up until now only one clause has passed however the delegates still seem hopeful.



A great wall with a big fat door?

10:59 a.m: The clause submitted by the delegate of China urges the construction of a “a great wall and a big fat wall”. The delegates all break into laughter and the delegate of Bolivia even suggests also spreading a deadly disease like cholera to the people of North Korea and also sending soldiers to solve the problem of disobedience. Surprisingly, the majority voted for the clause, however due to the delegate of the Russian Federation vetoing the clause it has not passed and the security council has yet to pass a clause.

Fourth time’s still not the charm!

10.24 a.m: After three failed clauses, the fourth clause submitted by the USA does not pass with 6 votes against. Through the clause the delegate urged that great powers must combine to find a solution and improve diplomatic discussions, however it was deemed hypocritical and unfair by the delegates of the Russian Federation and the Ivory Coast. Let’s hope that the next clause, which will be submitted by Poland, will hopefully be successful in order to find a permanent solution for the question of the DPRK.

FullSizeRender (1)




Diving into the Debates

9.40 a.m: The delegate of the Russian Federation leads the first debate of the day concerning the question of the DPRK. The delegate insists that the DPRK should be respected more, so as to give an incentive to the DPRK to disarm. However, this clause causes some dissension amongst the security council, as the delegate of Kuwait questions “how can the nations show respect to north Korea when there is a lack of respect for basic human rights in North Korea?” However, after a lengthy discussion the clause did not pass due to a very small majority.



“watching everyones faces when the delegate of Poland spoke. everyone was like oh ok i agree with him now”

“I had a crush on the delegate of Kazakhstan”

“why does the delegate of uk have a Louis Vuitton case?” – to which he replied “umm because my family can afford it”

“the delegate of china and the guy next to him are so sweet.”

“The delegate of Kuwait is adorable”

“where can we smoke?”

“why do i get the feeling that the world could end and the delegate of the uk wouldn’t give a [fudge] while scrolling on his phone in the Louis Vuitton case”

…were some of the examples of confessions presented in Security Council.


Delegate of Peru gets the giggles

16.06 p.m: The delegate of Peru submitted a clause which insists that measures must be taken to improve the border security in countries within East Africa. While insisting that this clause is not a repetition of a different clause, the delegate of Peru breaks into an infectious laughter which spreads throughout several other delegates and within a few seconds the security council breaks into hysterics. However, an overwhelming majority voted against the clause and it ended up not passing. The debates regarding topic one have come to an end, leaving the funniest clause for the end. Best of luck to the delegates for the rest of the topics!

A round of applause is in order for the Security council

15.13 p.m: Another clause submitted by the delegate of Bolivia has successfully been passed in which the delegate of Poland delivered a powerful statement, claiming that “[they] do not believe violence is a solution to religious conflicts”. The vote was almost unanimous and the delegates were very pleased with Bolivia’s motion to create a UN funded newspaper to eliminate the threat of Al-Shabaab in east Africa by spreading world-wide education, with the use of which, prejudice will hopefully be diminished and peace can be achieved. The passing of the clause was accompanied with a round of applause.

Majority votes against the Ivory Coast’s resolution

13.15 p.m: There are constant points of information within the debate concerning corruption within the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISON) mostly by the delegate of China and Kazakhstan. However, the delegate of Sweden sides with the delegate of the  Ivory Coast who maintain their position that for the time being the clauses which they have aforementioned are the only effective and plausible options right now. However China, a  permanent member vetoed the clause along with the majority of the rest of the security council thus the resolution submitted by the delegate of the Ivory Coast has not passed.

The adventure continues…

12.55 p.m: Having received a variety of inspiring speeches the delegates are as motivated as ever to present their resolutions. However due to some technical difficulties the debates are being delayed, but this doesn’t affect the delegates’ spirits as they can be seen enthusiastically trading exciting anecdotes while others are passionately and hastily working on their resolutions. Best of luck to all!


Security Council: The alliances are strengthening

10.38 a.m: Alliances have already been created and somewhere beneath the meshed clamor of voices the delegate of Peru can be heard voicing her opinions on the question of Al-Shabaab. She claims that if all types of religion are taught and not just that of Islam then the threat of Al-Shabaab or any extremist Islamist terrorist group would not be that great since people would be more accepting of all religions. Discussions are still taking place between the              alliances which have meshed into two groups now instead of the previous three. It seems that for the moment               delegates are preferring to negotiate with each other to find a solution within the country which faces a                           constant threat as opposed to immediately turning to the use of military force. IMG_4111