Interview with Mrs Andria Neocleous, Guest speaker at GA3

-What are the everyday challenges in your profession?

“Many. The fact that there are many cases that are not recorded, and this makes it very difficult to help the children in need. We try to break the silence of these children by awareness campaigns that we make. Another challenge is that there are no existing procedures to help children to report, so it’s important that we have some changes. There are still things to be changed and policies to be made.

-What do you enjoy most about your job?

“When we see that children get help, and they go back to ‘normal’. This is an achievement, and we think that the smile of the child when it gets help is an achievement on its own. “

-In your opinion, what are the best ways that someone can help a victim that has been tortured or trafficked?

“Of course through therapy. Because the traumas exist because of this abuse, only with psychological support and therapy the victims could eventually tackle the situation. This will make them feel protected, having someone to talk to and feel that they are away from the perpetrator, and by this method they will get the support they need and will make them feel better.”

-Why did you choose this career path?

“That’s a difficult question. For me, this job gives meaning. It is great when you see the result of your work, efforts and struggles, especially by seeing the result on the children.”

Palestine: The perfect resolution?

16.02 p.m: After various resolutions being rejected in previous trials, Palestine has made an excellent speech, providing effective solutions and great points, following an amusing ,but again, strong speech by the delegate of Pakistan. Everyone stood out to make a speech for the resolution, and no one wanted to make a speech against it. The resolution passed, and accompanied by what was probably the loudest clapping in the history of MEDIMUN.

Cambodia’s Not Hot


14.04 p.m: Because of her late entry, the delegate of Cambodia was punished by the chair. The chair ordered for the delegate to dance and sing without music the hit song “Man’s Not Hot”. The whole room filled with smiles and laughter as the delegate of Cambodia did her performance.

Sri Lanka and Russia bounce back!

13.40 p.m: With such speeches by the submitting countries , it was expected that few delegates would point out against it. Sri Lanka, approaching the podium, started strongly pointing not a few, but quite a lot of loopholes in the resolutions of the submitting countries. Russia then asks for a point of information, adding further flaws to the resolution of the submitting countries. New alliances form in GA3! Beware!

Endangered languages… How should we preserve them?

12.41 p.m: With increased globalization these days, how can we preserve endangered languages in order for them to not become extinct? Given current trends, linguist experts estimate that within a few generations, more than 50 percent of the estimated 7,000 languages spoken in the world today may disappear. The consequences of this would be tragic, as this leads to a cultural heritage and linguistic diversity loss. Let’s see how Cuba’s speech will create an impact.

Hope for children by Andria Neocleous

11.00 a.m: We have a guest speaker here in GA3! Ms Andria Neocleous, who has studied sociology at the University of the Aegean in Mitilini, with a master degree in criminology and criminal justice from the University of Surrey in England, is the ideal person to inform us here in GA3, about the issue of the child sexual exploitation, as well as the ways that this can be tackled and informing us about the severeness of the issue, Thank you for your time and all your efforts, Ms Neocleous.


Is Slovakia insulting Pakistan?

9.50 a.m: In its speech, Slovakia indirectly calls Pakistan ignorant to the fact that in Pakistan, child sexual exploitation is a frequent phenomenon. Point of order is then made by Pakistan, and the battle of the two nations begins, leaving every delegate in the room frozen in a moment of tension. The battle of the two nations begins…


Love is in the air…

9.50 a.m: After a persuasive and passionate speech by the delegate of Belgium, China continuously compliments Belgium about its hard and great efforts. Then the delegate of Belgium is flattered with a huge smile, thanking the delegate of China for their agreement and the effort that delegate has put into this resolution. Looks like Belgium and China could make a good team

And the battle begins…

17.30 p.m: Looks like it is a Norway vs Cambodia situation!

After the resolution of Norway was read by the delegate, and following her powerful speech, the delegate of Cambodia confidently approaches the podium, ready for any and all points of information, and being the first delegate to create a powerful debate with tension and arguments. Thank you dear delegate, things are about to get interesting!IMG_0797

Humans of MEDIMUN- Nicola Tymviou, Sales Manager, The English School Nicosia


What’s the funniest experience you’ve had during your 3 years at MEDIMUN?

“Oh my god, there are quite a lot, and they are all quite embarrassing. The one I remember quite distinctly though, was when a delegate asked me if he can have a ‘paper’, and spontaneously, I ran to the bathroom, grabbed some toilet paper, and came back. We stared at each other for a minute. Ends up he wanted a paper to write on.”


…special announcement

2.20 p.m:

As the chairs were getting the register, a shocking announcement was made… The delegate of Thailand was at KFC.

As the register for the UK delegate followed, the chair asked: “The delegate of UK? I’m guessing… McDonald’s?”

The opening ceremony!


The opening ceremony had everyone silent.  Penelope Ioannou, the Secretary General, with her quiet but  persuasive voice gave an inspiring speech. Her words were so true, and so on point. It is true that MEDIMUN is a great experience for everyone. Whether you are a chair, a delegate or an organizer, it is an event where you can build up a variety of skills, such as being part of a team, gaining self-confidence  and becoming a better citizen.

Child sexual exploitation?

10.10 a.m: The delegates have already divided into teams. The battle for the best resolution is starting.  Let it begin. Murmurs and discussions start filling the room. The big issue of preventing child sexual exploitation is a heated topic, making the battle even more difficult. So let it begin.