GA2 Confessions

“Albania, marry me.”

“I’m going to marry the delegate of Philippines in a few years, I’m sure of it.”

“Some delegates in this GA could fight a T-rex and still look flawless.”

” I was going to say a joke, but IRAN out of ideas.”

” I want to hear the Chairs’ Trump imitation.”

GA2 – Girls Rule the World

5:45 pm As the resolution on how to expose the Pink Tax is being debated, the delegate of Poland believes that the last clauses are “general and vague” with no ways for people to help report unfair product prices. The delegate of Kenya submits an amendment, suggesting Canada be followed as an example and the amendment passes with 49 votes, as does the resolution as a whole. Clapping is, finally, in order!

To honour today’s debate about the pink tax, the Chairs are asked to sing “Barbie Girl.” However, Markos (Chair) refuses to sing as he afraid to ruin any song. The delegates, however, join Maria – the other Chair – and sing with her.

As it has been a long day for all delegates, can we please just proceed?” Delegate of Albania

GA2 – Where are our delegates?

12:45 pm The Chairs of GA2 announce that delegates are allowed to exit the debate at any time and leave their placards with the Chairs in order to go to the bathroom. A few minutes later, the Chairs, noticing that half the GA is missing, regret their decision and say to the delegates: “There is a pile of placards on our desk. The Chairs call a reversal of the previous announcement and state that from now on, any delegate wishing to go to the bathroom must send a note to the Chairs and wait for their request to be accepted.

GA2- Dr Alexia Panayiotou

11:30 am GA2 welcomes Doctor Alexia Panayiotou oft he University of Cyprus. Our speaker teaches business and public administration, and is here today to speak about the role of women in business and politics, and how their roles have changed in today’s society.

Although women get educated, they get stuck at certain points along the way. Is there a reason why educated women are not wanted? Is it a demand issue? Or a supply issue?

GA2- unicorns exist?

10:55 am As a punishment, the chairs decide to give each delegate who came in late 25 seconds to convince the other delegates of GA2 that unicorns exist.

Delegate:” I can’t convince you that unicorns exist.”

Chair:” That is not in order. You can convince about the existence of mermaids if you prefer.”

Delegate: “Can we go back to unicorns?”

GA2 – Debates Struggle to Commence

10:00 am Due to (perhaps unsurprising) technical difficulties, the debate is slightly delayed. Admin staff members are active as delegates exchange notes with each other. Maria (Chair) announces that debating commences and the delegate of Georgia takes the podium, talking about youth unemployment.

To attack the resolution, the delegate of Trinidad takes the floor.


GA2- tardiness is punished

3:15 p.m-Coming back from lunch, some delegates are punished for being 1 minute late. The punishment imposed by the Chairs is to sing along to “Let it Go.”

The delegate of Italy is also punished for swearing before the lunch break.

Markos(Chair), is also late but he refuses to be punished as according to him “The Chair was trying to get the delegates to enter the room.”

GA2 – Delegates turning into Chairs

1:25 pm As the delegates were continuing with their work, two of them sneakily approached the Chairs and sat next to them. A dash of humour was added to the GA as they then proceeded onto taking control of the mic, announcing “We are replacing the Chairs“.

A few minutes later, Markos(Chair) said “Co-Chair is not here, so selfies are allowed.”

Accidental break announcement in GA2

10:10 am Delegates in GA2 have their excitement ruined when the 15 minute break announced by the Chairs turns out to be a mistake.

Maria, Chair of GA2 says “You cant blame the chairs,” and is met with a response shouted from the back of the room, “Who says that?” Immediately she replies to the delegate, “The Chairs do.”