GA2 – Delegation gets restless as voting approaches

Maria (Chair): “Belgium, if you can’t wait to sleep, do so if you want to.


– Delegate of Zimbabwe recognised for point of approval.

– Can I go to the bathroom?

– Point of approval declined.


3:35 pm During voting, there is a tie of 20 votes for the resolution and 20 votes against. After a second voting procedure, with the majority of votes for, the resolution concerning El Nino and La Nina has passed.

GA2 – Discrimination in Pink

2:05 pm On the issue of the Pink Tax, the delegate of Denmark argues that companies taking advantage of the Pink Tax should be exposed and dealt with accordingly.

The delegate of the United Kingdom enforces the resolution to expose companies and reveal their immoral practices in public, stating it is imperative that people, especially women, be aware of products with the same cost of manufacture but with a higher price.

If everyone can recognise it, everyone can stop it.

GA2 on the ENSO Phenomenon

11:15 am Resolution for combating the effects of El Nino and La Nina submitted by the delegate of Argentina, who is eagerly answering points of information. The delegate of Syria urges others to vote for this resolution, which suggests among other actions the creation of educational schemes to promote awareness of the effects of these patterns in oceanic circulation.

GA2 Late Night Secrets

9:40 am Today, the Chair of GA2, Markos Drakos, was late for the photographs and is now being punished for it. Delegates are allowed to ask him three embarrassing questions.

Markos: “The chair reserves the right to not answer.

Delegate: “What were you doing last night that made you be late today?

Markos: “We have wasted enough time, let’s proceed to debating!


An update on GA2


As lunch time approaches the chair says:

“Announcement -lunch break at 2:30, not 1:30!” This is greeted by groans.  In her defence: “Well we’re hungry too.”

“Oh and no selfies during lobbying!”

Late after break

10:48 am The late delegates are lining up.

Does anyone have a suggestion for their punishment?” – Chairs

Overwhelming majority of votes for delegates to dance or sing.

You all have to sing, due to technical difficulties – to Justin Bieber’s Baby!