Confessions in HSC

9.30 a.m: ‘I see you dazing off there during the debate North Korea what did you do last night?’

‘Is the delegate of France single? Oh la la.’

‘So many hurt parts in this committee, eyes, thumbs’

‘Well…Sofia the admin’s kinda cute’

‘How did you get out of Iraq? Iran’

‘The delegate of UK has beautiful huge blue eyes’

And so much more…

Interview with Yun Kei Chow (Shanghai American School)



Have you been to other MUN conferences in other countries before? How is this one different from those and what do you like most about this one?

Yes, I’ve been to a lot of MUN conferences in China, Singapore, Qatar and Washington DC. Procedure wise the most different thing of the MEDIMUM conference is that the debate is a close one, which that is not normal for us, because there is a lot of discussion between delegates; an open debate. Personally, I prefer the open debate.

Describe your journey to Cyprus

Currently, we have a Chinese break, but the actual one didn’t start until today. So we had to go to school on Wednesday and we left at 11pm Wednesday night. We flew to Dubai first and landed in the morning, a ten hour flight. And we then flew from Dubai to Cyprus. That was like a four hour flight. It was quite long, but it was ok. I slept throughout the whole flight.

Tell us your favourite thing about your culture back home?

Definitely the food. Across my home there is a local market, where I hang out with my friends a lot of the time. Noodles, soup noodles, rice and meat are that food that we frequently enjoy. My favourite one are the fried dumplings with a sauce.

What’s a typical day at school for you?

School starts around 8 am and finishes at 3 pm. There are 4 classes a day. I also play softball and depending on the season I’ll have 2 and a half hours practice after school, so I don’t get home until 6. Then I have a lot of homework to do plus MUN’s meetings once a week. So, it’s pretty busy!

Tensed atmosphere in the HSC

12:30 pm: Clause 3 of Topic 2 has been quite difficult to debate due to a lot of interpretations. Amendment has certainly been made to make the clause 3 much clearer. The delegate of Afghanistan persistently expresses that they are sincerely against any external military force being used to eradicate the threat of terrorism in Afghanistan. The miss-interpretation of the use of war in this clause has created confusion and tension in the HSC.

Topic 2 begins with an expression of disappointment in HSC

12.00 p.m: The delegate of Afghanistan begins his speech with voicing his disappointment, regarding the basic clause projected by other countries delegations. These ‘goodies’ as said by the delegate of Afghanistan are not sufficient enough in ensuring that the corruption in the Islamic state of Afghanistan’s would be removed completely. The representative of Afghanistan states that as a country they feel that they shouldn’t be responsible for all terrorist activity and should not be considered as a terrorist group as a whole. They feel offended and they believe they should be immediate communication between the other countries instead of reaching conclusions independently. The delegate of Germany responds with a shout of ‘you cannot censor the truth’.


Debate on Topic 1 continues.. in HSC

9.30 a.m: Amendment for second clause has been approved by the majority. Clause 2 passes with 16 for and 6 against. Clapping is allowed in order and delegates for this clause are quite happy for the outcome.

10.00 a.m: Clause 3 passes. Chairs switch positions literally and figuratively.

10.30 a.m: Clause 5 astonishingly passes with the majority of 22 votes for and 0 against.

11.30 a.m: Clause 4 does not pass due to overwhelming majority against it. Topic 2 ‘The question of Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan’ has officially began.

Delegate of United States slams his hand and shocks the whole HSC

5.30 p.m: The delegate forcibly smashes his hand on the patio and everyone out of fright jumps up. The delegate passionately made a speech and ended it with a violent move; however such move was not accepted by the requirements of a peacefully debating system of the United Nations and was told off by the Chairs and asked to apologize for causing a distraught.

Debating in HSC has started

5.00 pm: Debating has started in HSC after much lobbying. The first topic ‘the question of international terrorism in the 21st century’ has started with the main submitter the delegate of Ireland. The delegate of Afghanistan has been recognized as a point of information and has voiced ‘Is the delegate of Ireland aware that such economic sanctions impose a threat to population and their well-being?’  Delegate of Ireland fires back a response and confidently responds with the answer that ‘adequate food and water supplies will certainly be available for any communication preventing any sort of hunger’ and ‘economic sanctions primarily affects the state and not the citizens’.

The delegate of Germany threatens the delegate of Afghanistan in HSC

15.00 p.m: A proposal was made to the Afghanistan delegate by the German delegate and they are forced to compromise due to a threat of war.  Afghanistan is talking with their allies and trying to figure a solution without angering Germany. A conversation has broken out, looking at all options and no conclusion has been reached yet. A tough one!

A visitor teacher from Shanghai in HSC

10.30 a.m: The chairs are talking to a teacher from Shanghai, getting to know his journey from China to Cyprus and talking of past experiences of travelling. Talks about last year’s MEDIMUN experience and discussing whether Cyprus is a safe country compared to other countries. Both sides interested in learning more about the other’s country’s customs and everyday life. A fascinating conversation sharing both knowledge and experience. Acquiring new relationships and inter-communicating is a key aspect of the MEDIMUN conference.