GA4: Confessions!

“You have Mozam-piqued my interest.”

“The delegate of Saudi Arabia’s public speaking skills are outstanding.”

“I’m not a photographer but I can picture me and you together.”

“Lost in the delegate of Palestine’s eyes.”

“Thanks for all those random notes. Hope your feet hurt more than ours do.”

“The delegate of the UK is very energetic and has delivered some excellent speeches.”

GA4: Last debate of the day



The delegate of Ukraine making their speech.

5:15 pm After voting for superlatives, it’s time for the delegates to get back to work and debate the final resolution of the day. This resolution has been submitted by Ukraine, on combating the glorification of Nazism and Neo-Nazism. The delegate takes the stage, emphasising the importance of measures for prevention, and education.

This is an issue that involves us all.

The floor is handed over to the delegate of China, who focuses on legal measures that can be implemented, such as the creation of specialised centres to work alongside prisons, where hate crime offenders could be sent to. The delegate of Afghanistan questions whether such a measure would be effective, which China counters.

If you could change their mindsets, even by a little, then your job is done.

GA4: Debate against continues

3:48 pm The delegate of Spain also takes the stage to speak against the resolution, describing it as ‘naive’ and ‘romanticised’, and accepts a point of information from the UK, which supports Spain’s arguments. After a motion to extend debate time, the delegate of Israel also takes the stage to attack the resolution, attacking particularly the suggestion to interview ordinary people about their beliefs on people of different colour. The delegates of Albania and Lebanon make points of information, also attacking the vague nature of the resolution.

3:55 pm With 18 votes for, 39 votes against and no abstentions, the resolution does not pass. The Chairs also announce the introduction of superlatives, which will be voted for after the break.

The delegate of Israel attacks the resolution

GA4: Onto the next resolution

3:10 pm The next resolution to be debated has been submitted by the delegate of Nicaragua on combating the glorification of Nazism and Neo-Nazism. The delegate of Nicaragua takes the floor, presenting Clause 2 that urges legislative and educational measures, and Clause 3, that stresses the importance of media and social networks. Points of information are made by Chile Kazakhstan and Austria.

3:20 pm The floor is given to the delegate of Mexico, who proceeds to emphasise the importance of Clause 2, stating that the youth is the future of the world, and thus improving education is a vital step.

3:30 pm The delegate of Venezuela also takes the stage to defend the resolution. The delegate accepts one point of information from Ukraine, who claims that Clause 8, which expresses deep concern about the increased support of extremist parties that are racist or xenophobic in character, is redundant. Venezuela states that the clause is important in explaining the reasons behind the need for measures, and the debate moves to time against.

The delegate of Nicaragua takes the stage.

GA4: An amendment, and then another

2:35 pm The delegate of Saudi Arabia proposes an amendment, adding another clause calling the creation of a new legal instrument granting location-based protection for critical natural resources during armed conflicts. The delegate proceeds to defend their amendment, stating that it will make the detection of such resources more effective. The amendment passes with an overwhelming majority.

2:41 pm The delegate of Lebanon takes the floor against the resolution, saying that the purchase of governmental mines is not an appropriate suggestion, and accepts a point of information from India. The floor is then opened to anyone wishing to speak for or against the resolution, and the delegate of Israel takes the stage to defend the resolution. Another amendment is proposed, this time by the delegate of Afghanistan, to strike clause 6, which suggests the setting up of a private organisation to purchase governmental mines. This raises several points of information, and the delegate of the UK takes the stage to attack the amendment. The resolution does not pass, due to an overwhelming vote against.

They are not going to purchase them (the government mines) with cookies or flowers!”

3:01 pm South Korea’s resolution, on the other hand, appeared to have interested the delegates. with three speeches for, one speech against, and two amendments proposed by the delegates, our two chairs proceed to voting of this resolution. With votes 47 for, votes 9 against and 1 vote in abstention, this resolution has passed. GA4 is delighted to announce that this 3rd resolution marks the passing of resolutions on all three topics.

GA4: Back from the break

2:00 pm Amendment by Saudi Arabia to replace all mentions of the ICC with the environmental panel of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. The delegate of Saudi Arabia makes a speech, saying that several countries do not abide by the ICC. To a point of information asking the delegate if they are accusing UN members of participating in illegal diamond trade, the delegate replies “It is not an accusation. It’s a mere fact. You can Google it”. The amendment passes successfully.

GA4: Open Debate

12:52 pm Due to time constraints, a 5 minute open debate is issued and the delegate of Sweden takes the stage to speak against the resolution. The delegate claims that the resolution suggests measures, such as the provision of centers of education, which are irrelevant to the issue in question. The delegate of Lebanon makes a long point of information, to which the speaker eventually responded with: “Was that a question?”.


GA4: Moving on to the next resolution

12:32 pm The delegates, refreshed after a 5 minute snapchat break move on to the next resolution. This one is on preventing the illegal raw diamond and mineral trade for the funding of armed conflicts by measures such as making the diamond certification process more efficient, and investing on safe diamond mining equipment. The main submitter, Lebanon, takes the stage. The delegate states how the resolution not only addresses the question of blood diamonds, but also issues such as child labour. The delegate accepts three points of information, from Cameroon, Libya (accidentally), India and Brazil, asking for the clarification of certain acronyms.

GA4: Voting procedures

12:20 pm The delegate of Saudi Arabia motions to extend debate time, and proceeds to make a speech. The delegate passionately attacks the resolution on its lack of legal measures. Israel makes a point of information.

‘It is impearative to adress the law in a legal committee, FYI.’

GA4: India takes the stage

12:04 pm The delegate of India speaks against the resolution, claiming that it is naive, particularly in clause 3, which only refers to policemen as members of the judiciary, and clause 5, which suggests stricter rules on the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of social medias.

“Who actually reads the Terms and Conditions before signing up somewhere?”

The delegate also attacks clause 8 which suggests rallies, stating that these rallies may turn violent. South Korea, Khazagstan Brazil all makes points of information, all of which support the idea that the resolution is naive and vague.


GA4: Fourth debate begins!

11:53 am The next debate begins, once again on a resolution combating the glorification of Nazism and neo-Nazism. This one has been submitted by Spain, and suggests measures such as the compulsory provision of information relating to Nazism in schools, and stricter regulations and punishments on the media. The delegate defends clause 1 and 6, which promote innovative educational ideas, such as the tolerance of different cultures. Denmark, Bolivia, Malaysia, Sweden and Romania all submit points of information, asking the delegate to expand on certain measures. The delegate of Spain emphasises the importance of promoting love and acceptance, particularly in schools.

GA4: Israel speaks out

11:39 am The time against the resolution continues and the delegate of Israel takes the stage, stating the futility of trying to control the media.

‘The news will be as controversial and racist as they can.’

The delegates of the UK, Madagascar and Cambodia all make points of information, and the delegate of Israel defends his argument.

GA4: The third debate of the day begins

10:41 am The delegate of Cambodia takes the stage next, in order to defend their resolution on combating Nazism and neo-Nazism. The delegate makes a heartfelt speech, emphasising the importance of placing the focus on youth. China makes a point of information, inquiring over clause 4, which addresses police brutality. The delegate of Bangladesh takes the stage next, praising clause 7, which recommends the participation of all minorities in each country’s Parliament, and encourages all delegates to vote for the resolution, ‘for the sake of humanitarianism, common courtesy and decorum’. The delegate of the UK proposes an amendment. Remove clause 8 which suggests the development of an international organisation responsible for tracking and eliminating suspicious online activity. The delegate of Ethiopia speaks against the amendment, stating their disagreement with the reasoning behind the amendment. The amendment passes with an overwhelming majority, and clause 8 is deleted. IMG_7938


GA4: Second debate of the day

10:11 am The delegate of Saudi Arabia takes the stage to defend her resolution over the impunity of UN officials, clauses 6, 3 and 11, which address sexually violent crimes, immunity and the need for efficient responses and the revision of the . The delegate accepts DPRK, Ethiopia and Finland. The delegate confidently responds to all three, and yields the floor to the delegate of the UK. The delegate explains how the resolution tackles the issue on several levels, both trying to prevent crimes being committed by UN officials, and dealing with them when they do occur. The delegates of Spain, Khazagstan and Panama all make points of information, which are . A third delegate is also allowed to take the stage to speak for the resolution. The delegate of Libya defends clause 10, which suggests the creation of a Bimetric Information Office, and after a point of information, time against the resolution begins.8

GA4: Albania takes the stage

9:46 am The delegate of Albania takes the stage next to defend the resolution, defending clauses such as the improvement of the education system, and accepts three points of information from Australia, South Korea, and Palestine, which the delegate counters, while also making a joke about the new President of the USA when referring to influences on the masses.

‘cough, cough, Donald Trump’



GA4: Back in action!

9:20 am The delegates are back for another day, and the debate starts immediately, this time on a resolution combatting the glorification of Nazism and neo-Nazism, submitted by the delegate of Israel. The resolution suggests measures such as the introduction of laws, acceptance of refugees and the improvement of educational curricula to encourgate toleration.


GA4: The first debate continues!

The delegate of Panama takes the stage next, defending the resolution regarding impunity of UN officials submitted by Ethiopia. Due to time constraints, debate against the resolution begins, and the delegate of Libya takes the stage and makes a powerful speech attacking the resolution for being too vague, and poorly worded. The delegate of Ethiopia and Nicaragua make points of information, both of which are immediately countered by the delegate of Libya.

GA4 begins!

9:35 am After taking attendance, and overcoming some technical difficulties, the Chairs officially welcome the delegates to the Conference. After the Chairs explain the schedule of the day, lobbying begins immediately, and the delegates split into groups according to the topics they are interested in. Introductions are made and the delegates get to work.